Disease Among the Nisqually 1887


Nisqually, WA  1887

Miasmatic Diseases

Remittent Fever                        7 cases

Acute Diarrhea             27 cases

Acute Dysentary                       1 case

Erysipelas                                 4 cases

Chicken Pox                             20 cases

Scarlet Fever                            1 case

Mumps                                       8 cases

Tonsilitis (quinsy)                      53 cases

Enthetic Diseases

Constitutional Syphilis   20 cases

Diathetic Diseases

Acute Rheumatism                    102 cases

Anaemia                                   2 cases

Tubercular Diseases

Consumption                            8 cases

Scrofula                                    36 cases

Parasitic Diseases

Ascarides                                 14 cases

Diseases of the Nervous System

Convulsions                              1 case

Inflammation of the Brain          4 cases

Paralysis                                   1 case

Neuralgia                                  42 cases

Diseases of the Eye

Conjunctivitis                            128 cases

Iritis                                          18 cases

Amaurosis                                1 case

Diseases of the Ear

Otorrhea                                  24 cases

Other diseases                          4 cases

Diseases of the Organs of Circulation

Other                                       1 case

Diseases of the Respiratory Organs

Asthma                         1 case

Acute Bronchitis                       112 cases

Inflammation of the Larynx        1 case

Inflammation of the Lungs         6 cases

Inflammation of the Pleura         1 case

Diseases of the Digestive Organs

Colic                                        5 cases

Cholera Morbus                       1 case

Dyspepsia                                14 cases

Inflammation of the stomach      1 case

Hemorrhage from stomach        1 case

Acute Inflammation of liver        2 cases

Jaundice                                   1 case

Other                                       7 cases

Diseases of the Urinary and Genital Organs

Incontinence of urine                 2 cases

Disease of uterus                      4 cases

Other                                       3 cases

Diseases of the Integumentary System

Abscess                                   6 cases

Boil                                          6 cases

Carbuncle                                 1 case

Ulcer                                        7 cases

Skin Diseases                           6 cases

Wounds, Injuries, and Accidents

Burns and Scalds                      9 cases

Bruises                         1 case

Sprains                         3 cases

Simple Fracture                        1 case

Incised Wound                           6 cases

Punctured Wound                     2 cases

Poisoning                                  4 cases

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