1923 – Yelm in the News

Nisqually Valley News


One Year of Business

            The Neat Garage recently celebrated their first anniversary as agents for the Ford Motor company.  In that year they sold and delivered 65 new Ford cars and 12 new Fordson tractors.  This would make approximately a year’s business of $45,000 on new cars and tractors alone.

            In addition to this they have disposed of 35 rebuilt or second hand cars and several saw mills, a hay baler and other equipment.

            No check in available on the parts business but a good healthy business is certainly the assured.

            This with their repair business is one of the reasons for the splendid business enjoyed locally. 

Nisqually Valley News


Lawrence Lake Pavilion

            F.M. Edwards has completed his pavilion and it will be christened by the public at his opening dance next Saturday evening.

            Lawrence Lake is a beautiful body of water unsurpassed in the Southwest part of Washington for boating, bathing, and fishing and promises to be one of the most popular summer resorts tributary to Olympia and Tacoma in the near future.

 “Balloon Dance”

            The Pavilion at Lawrence Lake is fast becoming one of the most popular places in this section of the country.  Mr. Edwards is advertising a balloon dance for Saturday night.  One thing that can be said of this resort that is not applicable to many similar places, no booze or rough stuff goes.  He is keeping it as a place where men may take their families and enjoy themselves with out having to put up with the undesirable features so often encountered at such places.  By doing this the better classes of people are being drawn to Lawrence Lake. 

                                                                        Nisqually Valley News      6-22-23

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