1974-2004 YHS Varsity Football Coaches

Yelm Varsity Football Coaches   1974 – 2004 

Introduction:  The following material was taken from high school annuals from the period.  No attempt has been made to distinguish head coach from the rest of the coaching staff.

Year                                Coaches

2004                                 (not in yearbook)

2003                                 Snodgrass, Enders, Shaw Gagnon, Jordon, Bodien  

2002                                 Gagnon, Coffing, LaForest, Jordon, Bodien

2001                                 Gagnon, Coffing, Bodien, Wilson, Jordon, Scott, Riley 2000            (not in yearbook)

1999                                 Winters, Butler, Constentino, Hockhalter, Riches

1998                                 Constentino, Ridall, Hockhalter, Miller, Jewell, Butler

1997                                  HockHalter, Jewell, Miller, Riddall, Roe

1996                                 Roe, Spears, Miller, Dion, Riddall

1995                                 Constentino, Bruce, Chapman, Roth, Roe

1994                                 Miller, Roe, Chapman, Parks, Roth

1993                                 Chapman, Miller, Roe, Parks, Roth

1992                                 Chapman

1991                                  Chapman, Roe, Butler, Wallace, Ward, Tadlock

1990                                 Flick

1989                                 Larsen

1988                                 Larsen, Wallace, Butler

1987                                  (not in yearbook)

1986                                 Larsen, Omeg

1985                                 Larsen, Bomber

1984                                 Larsen, Bomber

1983                                 Larsen, Butler, Duvall

1982                                 Bickel, Henderson

1981                                  Roller, Fortin, Norman

1980                                 Roller, Wolf, Norman, Fortin

1979                                  Maki, Reynolds, Baker, Wolf

1978                                  Maki        

1977                                  (no yearbook)

1976                                  Hawkins, Reynolds, Strand

1975                                  Hawkins, Brown

1974                                  Halstead, Backman, Medalen, Sinnes

Editor’s Note:  Material organized by Brett Martin (2005)

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