History of Yelm Schools (1949)

Overview:  History of Yelm Schools (1949)

Introduction:  The following history of Yelm Schools was written in 1949.   

The first school in the Yelm District was a private school taught by one teacher in a one-room school owned by James Longmire.

The first public school was a frame building, located opposite the Seventh Day Adventist Church and the furniture included just the bare necessities. [Click here for a map that shows a schoolhouse at this location]

ON this timber cruiser map one can find the location of the first Yelm school. It is located at the miidle bottom.

When a tramp set fire to this building, classes were moved to the kitchen of the Tony Alongi home.  A one-room building was erected on the present site of the new play shed. This also burned and construction took place on what is now the lower-grade section of the grade school.  Later, the “L” shape was added.

The cornerstone of the first high school building was laid about 1919.  In this building different students were taught necessitating separate rooms.  Yelm SchoolIn 1941 it was destroyed by fire. The students then went to classes everywhere in Yelm, such as the gym, boiler room and private homes.  The result was the building of the Yelm High School.

The first school busses were “horse power” busses.  Later, the modern vehicles were obtained.  For these a garage was built in 1936.  In 1946 and 1947 two new busses were obtained.

A few years later, the agriculture and shop rooms were added to the garage.

In 1947 a project began which provided for the new lower grade section of the grade school, a large room, an adequate cafeteria, an indoor play-shed, and covered walks extending from the gym high school and grade school.  This project was completed in 1948.

Thus, Yelm schools are classified among the most modern in the West.

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