Personalized Grade Card District #28

Personalized Grade Card District #28 

Introduction:  The following comments were made by the teacher at Morehead on the end of the year report.  It outlines the strengths and weaknesses of each student, as well as maps out their needs for the next year. 

The 8th Grade: Amy and Ina should do the last 2 months work in hygiene and there review.  Should begin with fifth month work in history and complete their review.

In language they should have analysis, diagramming, and composition work there review.

Should review arithmetic and reading and geography.  In spelling they should review prefixes and study rules, root words and suffixes. 

The 7th Grade: Ross and Ethel were not examined. 

Lela should do about 2 weeks work in grammar and review. Has completed geography and history and reviewed. I would suggest a good review of all 7th grade.

The 6th grade: Mary and Winston are promoted to 7th grade. 

Clyde has not completed 6th grade work and will do much better to stay in 6th grade another year and to even review some 5th grade. He has been classed with the 6th grade though he has also done 5th grade work. 

The 4th grade has withdrawn for this school. Ernest has completed the 3rd grade reader but not the arithmetic. It seems to be very hard. I have given him two lessons per day in arithmetic and one in reading. I believe it would be wise to allow him to read in the 4th grade and do extra work in arithmetic and work up. 

The 3rd grade, numbers 6, 7, 8, and 15 have done 2 month’s work in this grade. They need a 2 weeks review and might then be able to go on with the 3rd months work in the 3rd grade. Anna should review her 1st reader and take up 2nd grade.

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