French District #69

French District #69

The French District was formed when districts 41 and 34 were consolidated on July 20, 1901. This document lists the teachers working there between 1891 and 1898.


Outline map of District After Consolidation

French District #69

Outline of District

County Roster of French School District #34 Teachers (1891-1898)

One may note that salaries for teachers declined as the impact of the 1893 depression was felt locally. Also, teachers in the latter half of the decade received room and board as part of their compensation.

One interesting notation on the above document, not reproduced here, is that Bige Eddy did not complete his term of service because “the county bridge was washed out.” Daisy Meays appears to have been hired in his place in April 1894. Bige may not have able to reach the school, but the school remained open.

District #69 – The following roster of teachers covers the years 1906-1911.

September 1906* Miss Irma Mooney 24 week term $45/mo

October 1907* Mary F. Conway 32 week term $60/mo

October 1908* Melissa Dalgell 32 week term $55/mo

August 1909* Alma Berggren 36 week term $65/mo

August 1910* Irma Exline 36 week term $70/mo

January 1911* Frances McNeil 20 week term $70/mo

July 1911* Sarah Grover 36 week term $70/mo

*Month contract signed

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