Willow Lawn #40

Willow Lawn- District #40

Introduction: There is little information about the Willow Lawn district. Records show that J. C. Conine taught there in 1891, later serving on the board of directors. In a 1992 letter, Dallas and Marguerite Edwards wrote that Willow Lawn was built on property donated by James Longmire. More specifically, they placed the building in the area near the Five Corners intersection and Yelm Creek, east of town. It seems more likely that they meant Four Corners which would have been closer to the original Longmire farm and within the boundaries of the Willow Lawn District #40.

News Article – Willow Lawn school house, in this county, was destroyed by fire, last Tuesday. Fires are raging in every direction and great damage will be done if it does not rain soon.   Washington Standard August 9, 1889


School Districts – The Old Fashioned Way – The location of Willow Lawn among the districts of the area.

District Outline Map

List of Teachers (1899-1918)

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