1910 – Education Around the County

Education Around the County:  1910

Introduction:  The following are a series of articles related to education which appeared in the Washington Standard, published in Olympia. 

Aberdeen girls will line up against the Olympia “Hi” girls in a game of basket-ball to-morrow night, in the high school gymnasium.

Washington Standard

February 10, 1910

At Tono, a little mining town in the southern part of the county, diphtheria is epidemic. Two young children have died, several others are afflicted and the school has been closed. Precaution has been taken to prevent spread of the disease by Dr. Bridgford, County Health Officer, and Deputy Cheriff Caldwell is in charge of the quarantine that has been established.

Washington Standard

February 10, 1910

The election of School Director, Saturday, promises to be a quiet affair as only one candidate, E.C. Townsend, of Westside, has announced his candidacy. The polling place will be in the town hall, and women of legal age are entitled to vote.

Washington Standard

March 4, 1910

Defective School Children

The appointment of Miss M.C. Keyes as Nurse has developed the fact that minor complaints are not infrequent among the school children here. Though trifling in their nature they should receive attention in early life to ensure perfect growth and thorough development. The report of the School Nurse shows a surprisingly large number of children in the city schools in need of medical attention. There were 1,192 pupils examined, including 108 visits made by the Nurse to the children’s home.

In September- January, 1909. Total number of children examined, 973. Throat (enlarged tonsils or otherwise needing attention), 186. Ears, (defective or suppursting, 22. Eyes suspected eyestrain or defective, 50. Nasal cases, 15. Poor nutrition, 80. Teeth decayed, more than three, 39 examined defective 115. Spinal cases needing attention, 2. Notices sent to parents, 196.

January 3- March 10, 1910: Schools visited, 48. Pupils inspected, 1,192. Number of cases improved, 12. Number of cases excluded, 2. Number of cases under treatment, 25. Number minor dressings, 18. Number of cases of Ringworm, 10. Number of miscellaneous cases, 45. Number of cases Impetigo, 8. Number of homes visited, 106. Number of miscellaneous visits, 53.

Washington Standard

December 20, 1910

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