1911 – Education Around the County

Education Around the County:  1911

Introduction:  The following are a series of articles related to education which appeared in the Washington Standard, published in Olympia. 

The school census enumerators for this district are W.D. Manier, O.C. Nally, Mrs. Holloman and Clifford Miller. This duty in the country districts is being performed by the respective clerks of the same.

Washington Standard

May 5, 1911

Principal Newberry was fined $25 and costs Tuesday, by Justice Crosby, for using a rubber whip in punishing Lester Hindley, a pupil in Garfield school, for infraction of rules and rebellion against the authority of the teacher. The suit was brought by Howard L. Hindley, Secretary of the Industrial Commission, his father. Newberry has taken an appeal to the Superior Court. He is backed by the school authorities, who do not seem to believe that the punishment was excessive or unwarranted.

Washington Standard

September 29, 1911

A Mothers’ Circle of the Parent Teachers’ Association of the Roosevelt school was organized Saturday afternoon. About 25 mothers have been enrolled as members and quite a number of teachers. This is one of the meetings now being held throughout the State for the benefit of the rising generation. Mrs. Frank Hill, of Tacoma, is State organizer. President, Mrs. Charlotte Van Eaton; Vice President, Mrs. Brownley; Secretary, Mrs. McNulty, and Treasurer, Miss Guthrie.

Washington Standard

December 1, 1911

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