1912 – Education Around the County

Education Around the County:  1912 

Introduction:  The following are a series of articles related to education which appeared in the Washington Standard, published in Olympia. 

Incendiarism was attempted on the Washington School building Monday evening about 11 o’clock. The Olympian says “the flames were started by pouring coal oil, or some other illuminant in the south entrance” and setting it afire. This fact was discovered by boys, Walter Galoway, Robert Faber and William White, who broke into the building and turned on the water from a hose. The authorities seems to be wholly at sea as to the origin of the fire.

Washington Standard

January 26, 1912


School Excuses

Among a collection of notes from parents to teachers are the following:

“Dere Miss: Please excuse mary bein late she as been out on a herring.”

“Dear Madam: Jane has had to stop home as I have had twins. It shan’t occur again.”

“Dear Miss Smith: Pleas excuse Rachel Abraham. She had to fetch er mother’s liver.”

“Dere Sir: Please excuse Harry. He haddent no trousers and his father woulddent let him come without any.”

“Sir: I must strictly forbid you punishing Thos. again for anything he does, as we never do so ourselves except in self-defense. Yours truly,”

Washington Standard

March 22, 1912


Institute Next Week

Fine Program Arranged for Five-Day Session of Teachers.

All the schools in Thurston County will be closed next week while the teachers attend the annual institute to be held at the Olympia high school, beginning next Monday and continuing for five days. Professor Meany, head of the historical department, and Dr. Fred. E. Bolton, head of the educational department, of the University of Washington, will be prominent on the program. The former will deliver an address of general interest next Wednesday evening on “Oregon and the Nation, or 54-40 or Flight.”

Among the other leaders at the institute will be Dr. E.T. Mathas of the Bellingham normal school, Mrs. Edith M. Hickey, head nurse of the Seattle schools, Miss Ruth Hoffman of the primary department of the Ellensburg schools, Miss Ida G. Webster of the are department of the Seattle schools, and Dr. Ruth A. Gottieb of Seattle. She will deliver a lecture Tuesday on “Sex and Moral Hygiene.”

A public reception will be held Monday evening in honor of the visiting teachers who are expected to number 150 to 160.

Washington Standard

November 21, 1912

Teachers Attend Institute

Despite the inclement weather of the week, the 140 school teachers of Thurston county attending the annual institute held at the high school have been enjoying a program of unusual excellence and have demonstrated to their own minds at least the value of the institute.

The institute was opened Monday by an address on “A Study in Patriotism” by Dr. E.T. Mathas, principal of the Bellingham Normal school, to whom 27 of the teachers, former pupils of his, tendered a dinner Tuesday evening. Monday also Miss Edith M. Hickey of the Seattle schools discussed “Medical Inspection of School Children,” urging its general adoption, and in the afternoon session she spoke again on “Medical Hints to Rural Teachers,” pointing out particularly the necessity of proper ventilation and light. Various high school problems were discussed by Professor O.L. Luther of the Queen Anne school, Seattle.

Monday evening the teachers were the guests at an informal reception in their honor at the Women’s clubhouse, when a most enjoyable time was had.

Superintendent C.E. Beach of the Olympia schools discussed “The Panama Canal,” at the Tuesday morning session, followed by a talk by Dr. Mathes on “The Anglo-Saxon in Africa.” Dr. Ruth A. Gottieb discussed “Sex and Moral Hygiene” and Dr. Mathes, who has carried the burden of the institute lecturing spoke again in the afternoon on “A New Department in Our Public Schools.”

Particular attention is being paid throughout the institute to the work of the different school departments represented, a portion of each day being given over to talks by leaders in the respective sections and to round table discussion. The high standard set by the addresses of Monday and Tuesday was sustained throughout the week.

Washington Standard

October 25, 1912

Miss Cecilia Gibson, the assistant in the high school, spent Saturday in Tacoma.

Washington Standard

November 22, 1912


Mark Mascho, who had been working in McKenna, has returned to school.

Washington Standard

December 13, 1912

Miss Alice Hughes was compelled to miss two days of her school on account of a severe cold.

Washington Standard

December 13, 1912



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