1901 – Exciting Ride


Exciting Ride

Adam Johnson, while coming in from Yelm, on a bicycle, to visit his sick wife in this city, one night last week, had an exciting experience with a large cougar, just beyond Chambers prairie. The animal was discovered by the road, about fifteen feet distant, with eyes blazing from the reflected light of the cycle-lamp, tail switching, and back bowed as if in the act of springing upon the rider. It was no time for hesitation, so Mr. J. who was going at a rapid speed made a “spirt” by the wicked-looking animal which would have made Cotter jealous with envy, and as the tail of the animal just swished past his rear wheel as it missed by a foot or more its human prey, he breathed a sigh of relief and sped on his way. Mr. J. acknowledges to having been considerably frightened, and has resolved to carry a small sized cannon with him hereafter when compelled to make a Gilpin ride through the woods at the dead hour of midnight.  Washington Standard

August 23, 1901

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