1902 – Yelm Described


October 10, 1902 – The Weekly Capital

At Yelm our foot was on its native heath.  The two general stores are doing a rushing business.  Mosman Bros. moderately admit a business of $9,000 a month and while we did not get any figures from Hettrick we could see that he kept the N. P. R’s busy hauling goods to his store and produce to the city market, besides running its own wagon to Tacoma for the extra fancy trade.  They have a well equipped blacksmith shop presided over by D. R. Hughes, who knows what is what in the blacksmith line, and the hotels, you are sorry you can’t stop at both every time you come to time.

On our way to Rainier we met our old friend Charlie Paff, who keeps the N.P. railways in repair.  He is a socialist who can give you a reason for the faith which is in him and can tell you why he forsook the republican party.

At Chas. E. Koeppen we found him busily engaged on his new 32 x 40, two story residence and reluctantly declined an invitation to dinner it being only a quarter to 12 and we out on official business.

The events of this week’s society at Rainier’ was the dance at Mr. E. E. Brown’s  The Larmey string band furnished their usually excellent music and the basket supper was immense.  Our society editor was criticized for eating the whole of Mrs. Lon Stockard’s cake, but was excused on a promise to do better next time.

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