1904 – Yelm in the News



January 1, 1904 – The Weekly Capital

 J. H. Price and wife have returned to Yelm after a holiday visit with relatives in the city.

Prof. Seymour I. Stone, principal of the Yelm schools transacted business at the county seat Saturday.

Mr. E. Longmire, who resides on his ranch above Yelm in winter and spends the summers in the mountains about Longmire’s Springs was among the Wednesday callers.

Frank Mosman, of Yelm, was in town Wednesday.  Frank says Olympia is almost as lively as Yelm, which is quite an acknowledgement for him to make.

R. N. True, of Yelm, was in the city yesterday.


February 6, 1904 – The Weekly Capital


Yelm Directory

Yelm, Wash.  25 miles from Olympia on main line of N. P. Railway.  Farming and dairying, lumbering and logging

Yelm Hotel, first class accommodations, teams furnished for hunting and fishing parties.  This business for sale.  F. Longmire, Proprietor.

J. Hettrick, staples and fancy groceries, dry goods, shoes, flour and feed hardware, farm products.

A long train of empty cars came in a few days ago to meet the demand for transportation of lumber and shingles.

Washington Standard

March 11, 1904

Six logging cars at the Williamson logging camp, south of the city, started down a steep grade, Monday, doubtless from the brakes being too loosely set, and ran s distance of about a mile, when they were stopped by a tree that had been blown over by the wind and laid partially on the track. The trucks were of course, considerably crushed and the logs scattered, but fortunately nobody was hurt.

Washington Standard

March 11, 1904


March 18, 1904 – The Weekly Capital

Miss Evelyn George, who has been teaching school near Yelm, returned to her home in Olympia, having completed her term. A very entertaining program was given by the members of the school Friday.

School Elections

#57 – Picto Manredi

#66 – Dora Hewitt, W. W. Anderson, Thomas Pollard.


April 1, 1904 – The Weekly Capital

W. D. Manier, organizer of the Order of Pendo, instituted a council of that popular order at Yelm Saturday, March 26.  The new council starts off with 15 charter members and several applicants who were unable to be present will be initiated at a n early day.  Mr. Manier was assisted  by Mrs. Manier and supreme organizer Woolf.  The officers of the new order are Councillor, Mrs. Bertha Pollard; vice-councillor, Edward Butsch; secretary, John Longmire; treasurer, Thomas Pollard; Mrs. M. Thornton; guide, Millard Thornton; warden, Chas. Hughes; sentinel, Alvin Thornton; trustees, D. R. Hughes, Millard Thornton and C. Antrin.


April 29, 1904 – The Weekly Capital

The shingle mills are closed for an indefinite period, which is hoped will not be long

Ray Smith, of Rainier, is recovering from a bad case of poisoning of his hands which he contracted in a Tacoma shingle mill.



June 3, 1904 – The Weekly Capital

J. C. Conine in Olympia


August 12, 1904 – The Weekly Capital

The socialists of this county have nominated the following ticket

Representative – I. V. Rathbun, Yelm Community Schools

Sheriff – L. W. Longmire, Yelm Community Schools


August 19, 1904 – The Weekly Capital

The Tumwater ball nine went over to Yelm Sunday and took horrible revenge on the ball team at that place for their defeat at Rainier the fourth.  the score was 25 to 14.

J. N. Sumpter, mine host, of Hotel Rainier, was in from that thriving suburb Saturday.  He reports his new barn about completed.


September 16, 1904 – The Weekly Capital

Bige Eddy Jr. renewed his acquaintance with the birds in the Rainier woods from Thursday until Monday and brought a big bag of them down the bicycle path Monday

Proof of the continuance of the dairy industry at Yelm comes in the shape of the regular butter paper order of the Morris Bros. proprietors of one of the numerous creameries in that favored part of the country

Thirty two socialists from Yelm were in the city Wednesday.  Frances Hettrick, to whom all “doubting Thomases” are referred, is authority for this statement.


October 7, 1904 – The Weekly Capital

Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Paff, of Yelm, were in the city Monday and Tuesday looking up the real estate market.  Charles says there’ll be 30 votes for Debs in Yelm this fall-no less.

Louis Reichel Sr. “father of all the Reichels,” and the most successful farmer of the upper DesChutes, was shaking hands with the Capital force Friday.  We are always glad to see Mr. R.

J. N. Sumpter has traded Hotel Rainier, at that place to Adam Ferbrache who will hereafter conduct the same.  By another trade Mr. Sumpter gets the Thomas Garstang place near Yelm.


November 11, 1904 – The Weekly Capital

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lew Eddy, a son.  As this occurrence happened Oct. 21 in our own house in this city we do not give it as an evidence of our enterprise in gathering news.  But our brother is hunting us with a shot gun and our sister-in-law says we’re a “horrid old thing” and we’ve got to square ourselves with the family.  When they have as many boys as we have it will be different.


November 18, 1904 – The Weekly Capital

A Militant Politician

                                                                                    Yelm, Nov. 9, 1904

Mr. B. Eddy,

Dear Sir: We had thirty socialist votes in this precinct besides losing twelve that moved form here in the last year.  In 1900 we had 6 votes; in 1902, we had 15, and in 1904 we had 30.  The campaign for 108 commences today.  We led one of the old parties four vote for the head of the ticket.

                                                            Your Respectfully,

                                                                        S. C. Paff

Modren Woodmen of America had no assessment for November, being the second that order has skipped in succession.  They have only had seven assessments this year.

G. W. Neat and family arrived in the city Monday from near Prescott, Arizona.  He is a brother of M. F. Neat of this county and expects to make his home in this county.  Though the brothers had not met for 21 years such is our climate that the Arizona brother knew M. F. at sight.


December 9, 1904 The Weekly Capital

L. W. Morrison died suddenly at his home on the Collin’s prairie Sunday aged 65 years.


December 16, 1904 – The Weekly Capital

Charles Paff and Ernest Fox, two high privates of the Yelm socialist brigade were in the city Tuesday.  The “Capital” acknowledges a pleasant call and the regular compliment.

Socialist Vote

Precinct                                  Debs               Burgess

Olympia                                 67                    48

Tumwater                             25                    18

Yelm                                        29                   26

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