A Board’s Eye View of the Fifties


 Mr. Hansen and Mr. Lemoine appeared before the board concerning the irrigation lots and taxes. Discussion was held on water taxes and the lots owned by the irrigation company. (March 18, 1950)

 Offer was submitted by the Union Oil Co. To deliver fuel oil to the school at 2.69 a barrel delivered at Yelm. (March 18, 1950)

 Mr. Wilson and Mr. Jay Warner form McKays Ford agency and Mr. Bert Brewer from the Superior Coach appeared before the board and offered a ford bus to the school for $8,520.46 with a trade in on the ’37 International $750 to be used as the only down payment. It was decided not to take any action at the present time on whether or not to purchase a bus this year. (July 25, 1951)

 Mr. Eby moved that the School District pay a forty dollars rental fee on a Thermofax Copying machine and return it rather than purchase it outright.  Mr. Kirsten seconded.  Carried.|

 Present: Phillips, Kaufman, Peoples, and Hastings. Payroll, vouchers and contracts signed and approved. Shirley Pierce representing Fort Lewis Dairy appeared before the board to present a bid of 5 cents for a half pint of  milk less 2%.

 Lee LeFbrve representing Flett Dairy appeared before the board to present a bid of 5centshalf pint for milk less 2%.

 Motion by Peoples, seconded by Hastings to accept Flett Dairy bid. Motion carried. (August 18, 1954)

 Mr. Peoples moved that the board approve the purchase of a Rol-A-Lab for the use in elementary science classes. Mr. Wilcox seconded. Carried. February 7, 1956

The Union Oil Service Station operators from McKenna were present to request the school’s gasoline business for 1959. December 10, 1958

 Mr.  Eby moved that the School District advertise forgasoline bids to be received at the next regular meeting on January 14, 1959 

 Mr. Edwards seconded.  Carried.  Lengthy discussion took place regarding the expenditure of funds for an inter-com system   A study of the financial report revealed that the District could assist in the purchase of an inter-com system and not give up other planned projects. December 10, 1958 Mr. Kirsten moved that thermostatic controlled valves be purchased for the Yelm Grade School and installed at the earliest convenience by the school maintenance staff. Mr. Edwards seconded.  Carried December 10, 1958

 Mr.  Eby moved that the District provide approximately $800.00 toward the purchase of an Inter-Communication System for the Ye1m School Campus.  Mr. Edwards seconded, Carried. December 10, 1958

 Mr. Panks moved approval of moving of grandstand to other side of football field. Mr. Kirsten seconded. Carried. (May, 21, 1959)

 Mr. Ely moved that Mr. Edwards be appointed to supervise and oversee the construction of a baseball backstop. Mr. Kirsten seconded, carried.  (May, 21, 1959)

 The Board made an inspection tour of the athletic field to determine what should be done with the baseball grandstand and backstop. The original plan to move the grandstand to the west side of the field and build a roof over it was reaffirmed.  It was suggested that we request enough used poles from P. S. P.& L. to bui1d a backstop. (July 8, 1959)

 The Board gave their common consent to the purchase of new desks for one classroom in the elementary school.  The Superintendent read the quotations for reroofing the bus garage.  It was suggested that an investigation of the feasibility of using galvanized iron on the roof be made before a decision is rendered as to whether or not the garage should be roofed at this time.  It was proposed that consideration be given to the abandonment of the high school auditorium and that the area be remodeled for classrooms.  (July 8, 1959)

 Mr. Harold Brezicha was present to hear the bids for reroofing the bus garage.  In as much as the full membership of the Board was not present and there exits some indecision as to what type of job to do, it was mutually agreed that action on the roof bids be deferred until a later meeting. (August 18, 1959)

 The recommended list of fire extinguishers for all school buildings as suggested by the ABC Fire Extinguisher Co. was reviewed.  Additional extinguishers needed, according to the report, would cost in excess of $500.00.  It was the recommendation of the Board that Fire Chief Brown and Mr. Lyle Tracy be requested to check the placement of extinguishers about the school buildings.

It was recommended that the janitorial staff participate in school fire drills.  (August 18, 1959)


 Motion made by Cook, 2nd by Capen that Mr. Southworth be notified that the Board is not satisfied with his supervision of the Grade School and that renewal of his contract is in doubt – motion carried. March 18, 1953

 Public Hearing held in Auditorium.

 Ralph Peoples represented the group and presented the School Board with a petition containing by and excess of 500 signatures asking the Board to reconsider it’s request for the resignation of Mr. Southworth. Mr. Peoples also presented a statement signed by all the grade teachers stating that harmony and co-operation existed between the teachers and the Principal.

 A great deal of open discussion was held with some of the Board stating their reasons for asking for the resignation. Meeting recessed for executive session to the office.

 Visitors present: Ed Harrison, Truman Wilcox, Ralph Peoples, Jim Brown.

 Discussion was held on the petitions and the renewal of Mr. Southworths contract.

 Motion made by Kaufman not to renew Mr. Southworth’s contract. Motion failed for want of a second.

 Motion made and seconded to rehire all teachers with the exception of Mrs. Feldmier and she be requested to go to college to complete her 5th year, and will not be offered a contract. Motion carried. (April 14, 1953)

 Report on Skogman. Mr. Skogman the 5th grade teacher has been drafted. (November 18, 1953)

 Sick Leave – When a teacher is absent from duty because of sickness, or death in the immediate family no deduction will by made for the first five days. Deduction beyond the provisions of this clause will be made at the rate of the amount paid the substitute. Sick leave may be accumulated up to a total of 20 says, starting with contract year of 1955-56. Certificate from Doctor must be presented to Supt. for illness of more than five successive days.

 1. All members of the faculty will be expected to contribute to the good of the whole by maintaining membership in W.E.A. and N.E.A.

 2. Since we thoroughly believe that a good teaching job necessitates some knowledge of the student’s background and home life, we ask all teachers to give preference to the nine meetings per year of the P.T.A.

 3. Teachers are asked to be at school not later than 8:20a.m. in the morning and stay until 4p.m. unless excused by the principal.

4. Since we believe in the education of the whole child, it is necessary that each teacher carry his fair share of the load outside of the regular classroom activity. (June 12, 1954)

 Mr. Newland reported that the teaching staff has started to work on a set of recommended “written policies” and that all employee groups would be consulted in regard to the “policies” that affect them directly. (January 11, 1956)

 Considerable discussion was held concerning the retention or dismissal of the athletic coach. The Superintendent explained that the present school administration had insufficient grounds upon which to discharge the person in question and therefore could not concur in any decision to fire the coach. The Superintendent agreed to make Mr. Tomlinson aware of his status and to help him change to another position. The board, after an informal polling, requested the Superintendent to seek the resignation of Mr. Tomlinson. (February 7, 1956)

 The Superintendent called to the Board’s attention that one teacher being offered a contract was 65 years of age and that the offer could be withdrawn if they felt if advisable.  No complaint was registered.  (July 8, 1959)


 Mr. Baker and his son Virgil, appeared before the Board to discuss Virgil’s admittance to school. No action taken as it was felt that with Virgil’s promise for good behavior would be sufficient to work out the problem with Principal Bob Marshall. (August 18, 1954)

 Present: Mr. Phillips, Peoples, Harbert, and Kaufman[.] This meeting was called at the request of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Glaser and Mr. and Mrs. James Gasaway, whose sons, Bernard and Gary were suspended from high school on Monday September 27, because of and infraction of school rules which took place on Friday evening, Sept. 24th when the boys attended the school dance under the influence of intoxicating liquor. Both boys made written application to the Board for reinstatement. The boys were readmitted to the school on a probationary basis.  (September 30, 1954)

 Mr.  & Mrs. Sidney Bayne appeared before the Board to register a complaint that their son had been discriminated against at the time of the Spring Concert when he was ruled out of the Chorus.  (May, 21, 1959)

 It was the consensus of opinion of the board that two members of the teaching staff should accompany the basketball team should it be required to travel to Sequim for tournament play. (February 7, 1956)

 Mr. Peoples moved that if the written request presented by Don Otto for readmittance to school is satisfactory to the Board and the Administration, that he be readmitted to school on a probationary basis with the understanding that he shall be barred from school social events for the balance of this semester. Mr. Wilcox seconded. Carried. (September 24, 1957)

 Miss Elizabeth Shaw appeared before the board to request that she be permitted to participate in the Graduation ceremonies. She had failed thesecond semester course in American History for the second time. She promised to take a correspondence course during summer. (September 24, 1957)

 A lengthy roundtable discussion ensued. A written opinion from the County Prosecuting Attorney was reviewed.  Mr. Edwards moved that the School Administrators hereby authorized to establish regulations for reasonable at the and personal grooming on the part of all students and that a pupil who fails to meet the established standards should not be permitted to enter school at the start of a school year and, furthermore, it shall be the responsibility of the principal to determine whether or not a pupil is adhering to the standards of good grooming and dress at all times. Mr. Panks seconded.   Carried. (May, 21, 1959)

 Standard Athletic Rules

 1. Short Hair (doesn’t have to be butch or crewcut.)

2. Smoking and Drinking

  A. If any member of the Coaching Staff catches a boy he will be dismissed from that sport for that year. If you prove yourself you may participate in the next sport by agreement of the coaching staff. A boy will receive two chances. After the second one he will be dismissed from any sport for a period of one year in which you must prove yourself.

B. Team Control: Any member of the squad has a duty to the team, to advise the captain of anyone who is breaking training. A conference will be held between Captain, Staff, and the individual in question. If guilty a boy will be benched for one game in football, two games in basketball, one track meet, and two baseball games. A boy will receive two warnings, on the third time he will be dismissed from all sports for one year. Then he must prove himself.

 C. New Trainers:  Boys who have past record of breaking training rules will be given a chance to prove himself and then be able to turn out. To turn out for football he must train the previous summer. To turn out for basketball he must train the entire football season. Boys turning out for spring sports must be training during the basketball season. There rules apply to those boys turning out for the first time. Boy who turn out for a sport once are bound by the training rules.

3. Hours: Week day nights, including Sunday-10:00 p.m. Nights before games-9:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday night 2:30 a.m. These time limits will be in effect throughout the year. A conference will be held on the first offense. Penalty on second offense will be determined by the time element.

4. Changing sports: In spring sports there will be no changing of sports after initial turn-out (with exceptions). To turn out for a sport, you must have been active in a preceding sport, or two sports a year.

 5. Late Practice: Individual rules will be given for each sport, however organized activity will begin at 3:50 for all. A written excuse is required for any tardiness.

 6. Missing of practice: Excused only by coaching staff of sport.

   A. Doctor’s written excuse

   B. Parent’s written excuse

   C. Teacher’s written excuse

   No excuse for working for pay.

7. Dressing room rules:

   A. No profane language

   B. No horse play

   C. Towels will be issued, one to each, and you are responsible to put you own towel in the towel box.    For each towel left on floor or not in box, an extra lap will be given.

   D. No one in coaches room. Knock before entering.

   E. No talking at halftime of games, unless you have  a question, or you are asked one.

   F. Coaches will be called Coach, followed by the last name only.

   G. A player must wear his own equipment.

   H. Practice equipment must be cleaned at least once a week. This will be checked.

   I. Clean equipment for game night. Have sweat sox that stay up.

 The District

 Collins school board Mrs. Boyles, Phil Layne, and H. F. Hastings met with the Yelm board to discuss the proposition of consolidating the Collins school district and the transfer of some of Collins to Lacey. After considerable discussion it was decided that Yelm board would all try to be present at the reorganization hearing on Dec. 11, 1950 at the courthouse in Olympia. The Yelm board also indicated that should consolidation take place they would be willing to maintain two teachers at Collins as long as the attendance warranted it. (November 29, 1950)

 A group from the Collins area came to protest any action to close the Collins School. After and extended discussion Chairman Phillips called for a motion to decide the issue. April 13, 1955

 Mrs. Pickett and Mrs. Loutzenhiser appeared before the Board to inquire about the possibility of establishing a kindergarten  April 13, 1955

 The board has set this meeting ahead one day so as to avoid the obvious conflict with the Thurston County Reorganization Committee hearing scheduled for Wednesday, February 8 in the Yelm High School. The board mutually agreed that the local board members would not initiate discussion relative to the Rainier district and is (if) such discussion did start the Yelm attitude would be that of indifference. On the mater of the Collins area the board’s position would be that of resisting any proposed changes until a county-wide redistricting plan is submitted for consideration. February 7, 1956

 Members from Collins present: Dist. #12 Vivian Broyals, H. F. Hastings, W. H. Reichel (July 25, 1951)

 A delegation from the McKenna P.T.A., including Mr. Kirsten, Mr. Kelly and Mrs. Rogers requested the Board to give consideration to the erection of a playshed on the McKenna school grounds. June 12, 1957

 Mr. Peoples moved that the Board agree to cooperate with the Longview School District in support of the Southwest Washington staff for Educational Diagnosis of Exceptional Children. Mr. Wilcox seconded. Carried. October 9, 1957

 A delegation from the Collins Area presented a written statement outlining their reasons for petitioning a transfer of their area to the North Thurston District. Chairman Phillips explained the purpose of the County Organization Board and expressed the Yelm Board position, namely, that the Yelm Directors would resist any move to transfer territory from the Yelm District on a piece meal basis. October 9, 1957

 The report from the Pierce County School Superintendent’s Office regarding the transfer of property between the Bethel School District and the Ye1m School District was studied.  Since a new, revised petition for transfer is to be presented to the Pierce County Organization Committee, the Board decided that no action be taken at this time expect to inform the Thurston County Organization Committee that the Ye1m School Directors are not favorable to giving up any territory along the Tanwax Road.                       (July 8, 1959)


 April 13, 1955

 The suggestion was made that consideration be given to the payment of extra wages for bus drivers on special trips. January 11, 1956

 The Superintendent p resented a revised teacher salary schedule (see attached copy) and recommended a wage increase of twentydollars per month for full-time non-certificated employees and pro-rated amounts for less than full-time workers.

The Superintendent further recommended that salaries for the School Principals be determined as follows:

The McKenna Principal to receive basic teacher salary plus 1/12 basic plus $300.00.

 The Elementary Principal to receive basic teacher salary plus 2/12 basic plus $600.00

The High School Principal to receive basic teacher salary plus 2/12 basic plus $1200.00

Mr. Eby moved that the Activities Pay Schedule be revised in part to read:

Football Coach        $408

Basketball Coach     $408

Baseball’-. Coach     $l44 

Mr. Panks seconded. Carried.

Mr. Ebv moved that the recommended teacher salary schedule the administrative salary schedule and the non-certificated employee wage recommendations are adopted. Mr. Panks seconded.  Carried. April 8, 1959




 Mr. Thomas Norton, American Legion Commander, appeared before the Board to acquaint them with the Report of Department Education Committee Meeting, 4lst Annual American Legion Convention, August 7, 1959.(See attached sheet)                  August 18, 1959

   Chairman:      Mr. Leonard Biel, High School Principal, 3rd Dist. Ed. Chmn.

 Item 1:                       2 YEAR COURSE, US HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT:

           Heretofore, action recommended placed educators in impossible position, namely, giving the above course in the last two years of High School, possibly at the expense of other classes presently required by State Law.  Allowed no flexibility or leeway in selecting time for these classes.  To alleviate this hardship, the committee did not retreat from previous mandate and with draw the recommendation, but made a new resolution concurring in the requirement, broadening the time base to read “SUBSEQUENT TO SIXTH GRADE.”

 Item 2:  University and College recommendations unchanged (deemed of no interest to this board).


             Concerning past recommendation that the exercise and oath be the first order of business in all schools, the consensus of this committee was that this would reduce this action to a routine ( and possibly meaningless) gesture, thus defeating it’s purpose.  The Committee recommended that Post representatives maintain contact with local educators and administrators to encourage compliance with present State law to hold this exercise once weekly, Department of Washington policy be re-written to this effect, and an effort be made to have all meetings of the Student body and major athletic events open with either the Exercise or, music available, the National Anthem.  It was agreed that recorded music over a suitable PA system would be satisfactory provided a good recording was used and the record be replaced when it became noisy.

 Item 4:                       USE OF UNESCO MATERIALS BY EDUCATORS:

                        The policy against the use of UNESCO materials was re-affirmed, though it was agreed that, with proper safeguards, this material could fill a need at a saving of school funds and teacher labor.  Those using could mark the material ( as with a rubber stamp), warning students and others that this information was informational, only, and that the information contained therein may be extremely biased.

 Item 5:                       STUDY GUIDES:

                   In as much as an AMERICAN LEFION committee is listed as assisting in the makeup of these guides, and, in as much as guides have been altered by inclusion of materials not approved in the joint meetings, as well as the deletion of material that were so approved, it was recommended that the Department Commander appoint a standing committee to run a continuing position of approving all materials therein, while Department Policy definitely opposes them in other areas…(See Item 4, UNESCO).


                  This was my item, and since we were pressed for time, only a short discussion was held.  Since the scope would require considerable work in presentation, this item was tabled until next convention, with the Committee recommending all Posts to carry out programs presently being used.  Several members of the group stated that safety programs were being used to good advantage, sad all Post Commanders were urged to survey the needs of their communities and cooperate in any way possible with local school and community officials in any undertaking of this type.

                        As Commander of the Joseph Redberg Post #164, I will be glad to help in this, as well as any other programs.  Feel free to call on me at any time.

                      Thank you.

                     Thomas Morton M. SGT. USAF (RET).

 Community Relations

 The Superintendent reported that the dirt between the high school and the boiler room had been removed with the generous help of Mr. Simmons and Mr. Mosman who furnished the loader and tractor and considerable personal time and energy.  August 29, 1955

 Mr. Wilcox moved that the Eastern Star Lodge be permitted to rent the playshed and cafeteria for $10.00 plus a $5.00 fee for the janitor. Mr. Peoples seconded. Carried June 12, 1957

 Mr. Kirsten moved that McKenna Community Church be permitted to rent the Plashed for $10.00 a day plus janitor’s charges, if any.  Mr. Ely seconded.  Carried. (May, 21, 1959)

 A letter from the Cherie Dance Studio requesting a reduction in rental fee for the use of the Elemenatary Playshed was considered.

Mr. Eby moved that the Superintendent inform Cherie Schmidt that our standard rates of rental shall be maintained. Mr. Kirsten seconded. Carried.                  (August 18, 1959)

 Church & State

Proposal of Dr. Manley of the Methodist church to release students 45 minutes for religious instruction was submitted to the board by chairman Reichel. Motion was made and seconded to reject the released time proposal. Carried. (January 21, 1953)

 The Board discussed a request made by the Methodist Church for the use of ten Cafeteria tables.  Mr. Eby moved that the Superintendent permit the tables to be borrowed provided every effort has been made to get them elsewhere. Mr. Edwards seconded.  Carried.

Suh = November 12, 1958

 Mr.  Kirsten moved that the School District purchase a plastic chalk holder for each teacher as a Christmas remembrance.  Mr. Eby seconded.  Carried, December 10, 1958

 High School students Dwight Robinson and Leslie Peck appeared before the Board to request permission for the establishment of a V.C.Y. Club (Voice of the Christian Youth, Inc.) in the High School.

 The board felt that their decision should not be made in haste and so deferred their action on this matter to the December Board Meeting. November 10, 1959

 In view of recent interpretations by the State Attorney General’s office the Board felt that religious orginizations should not be permitted within the schools.

 Mr. Eby moved that the petition by th proponents of a Voice of Christian Youth Club requesting permisson to establish a VCY Club in the Yelm High School be denied. Mr.Kirsten seconded. Carried. December 9, 1959

 Father Maat requested the use of six classrooms for a summer Church School during the last two weeks in June. By common consent the Board approved the rental of classrooms if such action is allowable under the law.

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