From the Student Handbook – The Little Tornado 1951-52

Introduction:  Each year students were given “The Little Tornado” to read.  In it were the rules to live by when attending Yelm High school.  Here is an excerpt from the 1951-52 edition.

 Air Raid Drill

 At the sound of the intermittent ringing of the fire bell, shop bell, and yard horn all students are to leave their books, get their coats and to their assigned shelters and lie down on the floor with their head pointed toward the wall.  Students are also to put their coats over their heads.  They are to quietly to the assigned shelters keeping to the right in the halls.

 If students are outside, in the gym, or at shop they are to run to the high school and go their assigned places.

 There will be one person from each class to call roll call to see that everyone will also be assigned a shelter.

 In each shelter there will be a first aid crew of four girls and four boys.  A fire crew will consist of ten boys from the school in case a fire breaks out.  There will be eight litter bearers and a messenger from each class.

 Practice air raid drills will be held each year when students are at lunch, at a ball games, loading or unloading on the buses, and in an assembly.

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