From The Little Tornado School Handbook 1956-1957


            The school cafeteria is located in the grade school building. Lunch, for the high school students, is served from 12:00 to 12:30.

            Whenever school is dismissed early at noon, students are not to go to the cafeteria to eat until the regular time, unless arrangements have been made previously with the cooks. The price for students is 25 cents per meal. Milk is included. Lunch tickets costing $2 each may be obtained in the office.

            There is to be no running to the cafeteria, or any crowding or shoving while waiting in line.


            Locker space is furnished for every student in school and is signed for at the beginning of the year. These lockers are to be kept neat and clean, and the coats are not to be hung on the locker doors, but on the coat rack or in the locker.


            Except in case of emergency the telephone is not to be used by students, except before school, at noon, or after school. Any long distance call must be okayed by the principal or superintendent.


            The gymnasium is available for intramural sports, for plays, or other activities, when no engaged for regular school activities. Only tennis shoes or stocking feet are permissible on the entire playing floor.


            The school library offers a wealth of books to supplement the textbooks that are issued to all students. There are approximately 3,425 books available for student use plus pamphlets, periodicals, five sets of encyclopedias, the Encyclopedia of American Biography, magazines, newspapers, and the Educator’s index.

            The library is arranged according to the Dewey Decimal System. If there is any difficulty in finding a book, a librarian or student librarian may be consulted.

            Books may be checked out for a period of two weeks. If kept after this length of time without renewal, a fine of two cents a day is charged. No grades will be recorded on the student’s permanent record file until his fines have been paid.


            The assemblies that are given throughout the year are for the education and pleasure of everyone. Al students must attend these assemblies and are required to observe orderly attention.

Bus Rules

  1. The driver is in full charge of the bus and pupils. Pupils must obey the driver                promptly and willingly.
  2. Outside of ordinary conversation classroom conduct must be observed.
  3. Pupils are to assist in keeping the clean by keeping their waste paper off the floor. Pupils must also refrain from throwing things on the bus.



            The Lettermen’s Club consists of boys who have earned letters in basketball, football, baseball, tennis, or as managers.

            The club holds regular meetings and conducts business pertaining to all phases of athletics and awards received.

            Several different activities have been sponsored by the club such as the Harlem Globetrotters, Football Banquet, Basketball Jamboree, and a smoker.

Drill Team

            The Drill Team, known as “Puellae in Pedites”, consists of a group of girls organized to assist the athletic department in presenting more varied entertainment, to aid and develop school spirit, to serve the school in any capacity necessary to create a finer closely knit student body.

            Members are selected according to the rules set forth in the by-laws.

            The officers of this club consist of a President, Secretary-treasurer, and Historian.

Block “Y”

            Block “Y” is the girls’ athletic club of Yelm High School. Any girl who earns a letter is a member of Block “Y”.

            Any girl participating in Block “Y” activities, has earned at least 400 points, and been chosen on a first or second team in Block “Y” will be awarded:

            Letter “Y” & Stripe—Freshman Year

            Stripe                          Sophomore Year

            Stripe                          Junior Year

            Pin & Stripe               Senior Year

Points can be earned as follows:

Walking                                                                                                       2 points per mile

Bicycling                                                                                                       1 point per mile

Horse riding                                                                                                  1 point per mile

Dancing                                                                                                         2 pints per hour

Skating                                                                                                        2 points per hour

Bowling                                                                                                       2 points per hour

Swimming                                                                                                   2 points per hour

Rowing                                                                                                        2 points per hour

Tennis                                                                                                         2 points per hour

Tumbling                                                                                                     4 points per hour

Volley tennis                                                                                               2 points per hour

First team                                                                                                                 75 points

Second team                                                                                                            50 points

Attending Block “Y”                                                                                               15 points

Sand lot baseball                                                                                         2 points per hour

Table tennis                                                                                                 2 points per hour

Skiing                                                                                                          3 points per hour

            Girls also must attend Block “Y” recreational night at least 9 times. Meetings are held on the first and third Monday of every month.

            In 1954 Block “Y” selected a sports queen. This is to be a yearly event.

Spelling Award

            The aim of the Spelling Award is to promote an interest in better spelling, and to increase the vocabulary of the student.

  1. In the primaries there will be 4 students picked from every class (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior).
  2. The top four students will compete in a Students Body assembly fro the final award.
  3. The award will be based on the total words missed.
  4. The person missing the fewest words will win.
  5. A time limit of one hour will be used.
  6. The prizes, if any, will be selected by the Honor Society.
  7. The words will be submitted by the various classes and their advisors.


Eagles and Oddfellows Best Citizen Award

            Each year a good citizen award is given at the Award Assembly to one boy and one girl for their outstanding citizenship. The Eagles present the award to the boy, and the Oddfellows present it to the girl.

            The rules for selecting the awards are:

  1. Respect for the rights of others.
  2. Accepts responsibility and is dependable.
  3. Activities.
  4. Personality and personal appearance.

The citizenship committee consists of all the teachers and as many students.

Best Citizen Award

            The Best Citizen award is made at graduation to the outstanding citizen of the year. This citizen is chosen by the faculty and an equal number of students. The candidates are judged on their activities, ability to accept responsibility, personality, influence for good, and scholarship.


            Seniors earn a plaque by having three (3) majors or two (2) majors and one (1) minor. The plaques are handed out at the award assembly. The majors and minor awards are found in the Little Tornado.

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