From The Student Handbook – The Little Tornado 1952-53

Introduction:  Each year students were given “The Little Tornado” to read.  In it were the rules to live by when attending Yelm High school.  Here is an excerpt from the 1952-53 edition.


 All students are urged to come to school regularly.  There are only thee things that are accepted as excused absences.  They are: illness, work, or a dentist or a doctor appointment.  Even these are not “excused” of the student fails to bring an excuse from home.  If any other reason is given for not attending school, it is classes and an unexcused absence and the student will be required to make up the time missed.  Three unexcused absences in one six week period will lower the grade one grade point.

The attendance at school of the students helps finance the school.  The school receives aid based on the number of pupils in the school each day, and each time someone is absent from high school, approximately $1.50 is lost.  With this aid, the school can furnish better equipment for students.


When a student is late to class he must get an admission slip from the office.  Students must make up 15 minutes for an unexcused tardy.  Three tardies become an unexcused absence.

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