All in School Again October 1, 1894

The Morning Olympian

Now for Another Winter of Hard Brain Work.

Education Too Often Obtained at the Expense of Nerve Force. Parents Study the Problem of Keeping Up Health at School. School has been open nearly a month. The streets are crowded with “shining morning faces,” full of eagerness and ambition. Anxiety of parents begins. Will those young boys and girls stand the nervous strain? Every year thousands of bright and interesting boys and girls are fatally injured by the indiscriminate and excessive school work.

Pale lips, languor, little eagerness for play, irritability, and loss of strength, show that the close application is making sad inroads upon their health. There should be no delay in building up the child’s system, and feeling the worn-out nerves with Paine’s celery compound. Parents find their children quickly gain strength and color and increased weight from this remarkable nerve food. It is peculiarly suited to the needs of their weakened powers of digestion and assimilation.

During the school year thousands of children pursuing studies with an ambitious eagerness altogether out of keeping with their strength, have been enabled to keep in school and at work and to recover health and nerve strength by a careful use of Paine’s celery compound, first prescribed by Dartmouth’s great professor, Edward E. Phelps, M. D., LL.D. Parents who have studied the problem of how to build up their children’s health while at school have found that Paine’s celery compound brought vigor and strength by keeping the blood pure and the nerves and tissues richly nourished.

Physicians in all parts of the country earnestly recommend Paine’s celery compound to parents.

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