Tebotten District #53 Library Record,1914-1915

The following list of books is taken from county records for the 1914-15 school year.  This list contains many novels, but also some important books like the Primer of Sanitation and, of course, Webster’s International Dictionary.  The lists for district’s  # 72 and #53 both contain The Farm Life Reader. This list demonstrates the yearning for outside experiences and knowledge in a small town lifestyle. It’s nice to know that home can serve you what you need.

King Arthur and his Knights – Rodford

Wild Animals I have Known – Ernest Seton

Primer of Sanitation– Ritchie

DeSoto, Marquette, and La Salle – Mara L. Pratt

Indian Stories – Major Newell

Northern Europe – Mara L. Pratt

Webster’s International Dictionary

The Man Without A Country – Hale

A Dog In Flanders

Stories of Industry – Chase

Story of Columbus – Pratt

Cortez and Montezuma – Pratt

Good Manners and Success – Marden

Story of Patsy – Kate D. Wiggins

Practical Reference Library (6 vol. S.A. and Co.)

Rob and His Friends – Brown

Pizzaro – M.L. Pratt

Deer Slayer – Cooper

Young Folk’s Library (13 vol.)

Little Drama’s

Reading Circle Books – Moore’s Abraham Lincoln for Boys and Girls

How the World is Fed – Carpenter

Howr the World is Housed – Carpenter

Farm Life Reader – Duncan

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