Examples of Timber Related Accidents Statewide

Introduction: This is a list of accidents that occured while logging or at the mill.

December 1903

  • Port Blakeley Mill, Port Blakeley – John Smith, a laborer, had two fingers of his left hand cut off by a circular saw, besides badly mashing his had.
  • Cain’s Shingle Bolt Camp, Bothell – Frank Seaton, while grubbing out a root, the axe flew off the handle, badly tearing off the handle, badly tearing the flesh from his face and almost severing his nose.
  • Sills Brothers’ Lumber Mill, Bothell – George E. Crumpy, an engineer, suffered a compound fracture of his right arm by the blowing out of a cylinder head.
  • Stimson’s Shingle Mill, Colquallum – George Topel fell on a bolter saw and was instantly killed, his body being severed in two.
  • Vance Lumber Co., Elma – Albert Barton, a logger, was caught in the haul back line, losing his left arm and right hand.
  • Logging Camp, Snoqualmie – D.O. Johnson, a logger, suffered a serious fracture of his right arm by the breaking of a chain on a skid.
  • Stoddard’s Lumber Camp, Sumpter – Alonzo Jones, a logger, was fatally injured by a rolling log.
  • Logging Camp, Wilkeson – Warner Sawyer, a logger, nearly severed his right foot with an axe, while engaged in felling a tree.
  • E.K. Wood Lumber Co., Whatcom – W.H. Murphy, an employee, when passing through the planning mill, caught his arm in a pulley on one of the machines which was in motion, breaking his arm below the elbow, and falling, breaking several ribs.

January, 1904

  • Melrose Shingle Mill, Custer – J.R. Ellis was seriously hurt by the breaking of a rapidly moving saw, a piece hitting and severely shattering his left leg. Amputation was necessary.
  • Montesano Lumber Col’s Mill, Montesano – Huffman, a workman, had a leg badly bruised by being caught between the carriage and a post.
  • Port Ludlow Mill, Port Ludlow – Henry Yerren, working on the night shift, was badly hurt while tending the band saw, by a log falling from the carriage, breaking both legs.
  • Howard Planing Mill, Yakima – Frank Jordan, a sawyer, accidentally struck his hand against a saw, losing the end of his thumb and a finger.


  • Issaquah Shingle Co., Issaquah – Robert Thompson, a knot sawyer, while reaching for shingles, fell against a saw, cutting a long gash in his leg. Will be a cripple for life.
  • Bellingham Bay Improvement Co., Bellingham – Louis Nelson, an employee, while working on the log deck, was struck in the abdomen by the end of a chin which slipped while he was endeavoring to fasten it around a large log. Probably fatally injured.
  • Stimson Logging Co., Shelton – Andrew Enquist, a logger, was accidentally killed by a falling tree.


  • Stocker’s Mill, Monroe – P.M. Fowler, foreman, lost an arm while cleaning out under the edger, getting his arm into the saw.
  • Northern Lumber Co., Everett – Fredrick Johnston, an employee, was fatally hurt by being struck by a flying board.
  • Draham’s Camp, Shelton – Jack Maaheu, a logger, was seriously hurt by being hit in the back by a swinging log.
  • Lake Whatcom Logging Co., Whatcom – Robert Dewar, conductor on a logging train, was killed while unloading logs. He carelessly got in front of a load and was struck by a heavy log.
  • Bell Creek Shingle Co., Bellingham – Frank Bloomquist, while felling a tree, was instantly killed by the tree falling on him and crushing him.
  • Weyerhaeuser Mill, Everett – William Porter, a planer man, was caught in a rapidly moving shaft, cutting a gash in his right leg.


  • Polson Logging Co., Aberdeen – Charles Hansen, a logger, had his left leg broken while splitting a large log, a piece falling on him.
  • Lake Whatcom Logging Co., Bellingham – Edward McMann was seriously injured by the breaking of a cable.
  • Union Mill, Aberdeen – L.P. Burgmeier, a laborer, was caught under a plank by accident, and had one leg broken just above the ankle.


  • French & Peterson, Renton – Charles Buergel, While tending the donkey engine, was hit by a brace breaking, striking him on the head, killing him instantly.
  • McNeely Shingle Mill, Everett – William Erickson was horribly mangled while engaged in pulling shingle bolts away from the drag saw. He slipped and fell across the saw. Death was instantaneous.
  • West & Slade’s Mill, Aberdeen – Arthur McDonald was seriously injured at the mill while helping to swing a big cut on the carriage. The lifting gear became entangled and started running, catching him between the cant and the ceiling, crushing his head. He will recover.
  • Boyces Logging Camp, Hoods Canal – Thomas Milne was crushed beneath a large log which was being loaded. He died in a few hours.


  • Northwood Cedar Co., Clear Brook – John Thorner, an employee, while oiling the belt, was killed by being caught and hurled against the timbers of the building.
  • Chehalis County Logging Co., Aberdeen – Mr. Roff, a logger, while felling trees, received a bad cut in the head while falling trees.
    (Source: Washington State Archive)

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