Letter: Nisquallies as Farmers, 1914

Introduction: In this letter the local agent comments on the success of local Indians in their continued development as farmers.

Circular Letter. No. 900.

Cushman Indian School.
Tacoma, Wash., Oct. 22nd, 1914.

The Honorable
Commissioner of Indian Affairs,
Washington, D.C.

In response to the above cited circular, I respectfully transmit herewith report of Mr. W. C. Miller, Farmer in Charge of the Skokomish Reservation, dated October 16, 1914, in regard to the fair held at Shelton, Washington, recently and at which several Indians of the Skokomish Reservation exhibited farm produce and other articles.

At the county fair held at Roy, Washington, recently Peter Kalama a Nisqually Indian took some prizes for farm products.

There were no purely Indian fairs held on any of the small reservations under this jurisdiction of this agency during the past year, but I am of the opinion that more enthusiasm will be worked up among these Indians another year in regard to fairs, and that more will exhibit in competition with their white neighbors.

The reservation in this jurisdiction are small and it would not be practicable for the Indians of two or more reservations to unite in an exclusive Indian Fair, and I presume that the Indians will continue to exhibit at the various county fairs in competition with the whites.

It must be borne in mind that very few of the Indians under this jurisdiction have in the past devoted much time to agriculture or stock raising, but have earned their substance by fishing and logging and it is only recently that any effort has been put forth in an agricultural way.

Very respectfully,
Supervisor in Charge

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