State Exams given in 1931-32


1. a. 5/9 of 45 =

   b.  4 ½ + 3 1/5 =

   c. 6.2 x 4.076 =

   d. 5 lbs. 3oz. – 2lbs. 7oz. =

   e. 2 yds. 2 ½ ft. =               feet

2. a. What is the commission at 5% on the sale of goods to the amount of


   b. Our school yard is to be resurfaced. What is the cost at $4.50 a

square yard if it is     

       225 feet long and 70 feet wide?

   c. A swimming pool covers 1250 square feet. If the pool is 25 feet

wide, how far did

       John swim if he swam the length of the pool?

   d. If the circumference of a circular tower is 850 feet, what is the


   e. Coats marked at $17.50 were sold at a discount of 10%. What was the

selling price?

3. Directions: Fill the blanks in the following sentences with the word or

words which

   make the statements true.

   a. The sum of money that a person makes is called his           .

   b. The amount of money or other property which a partner puts into the

business is  

       called his              .

   c. To multiply 38.8 by 10 move the decimal point one place to the       .

   d. when goods are bought in large quantities at less than market

price, they are said to    

       be bought at                .

   e. A right angle contains            degrees.

   f. In order to cash a check given you by someone else, it must be       .

   g. A century contains         years

   h. Eight hundred and ten and seven thousdandths is      in figures.

   i. an acre contains             square rods.

   j. The square root of 121 is            .

4. The tax rate in Smithville is $2.54 on $100.00 worth of property. How

much tax will Mr. Jackson have to pay if his property is assessed at


5. John wished to mix alcohol and water in the ratio of 2 parts of alcohol

to 5 parts water. How many quarts of water would be need to mix with ten

quarts of alcohol?

6. the loss of property due to a fire was #3,000.00 or 33 1/3% of its

value. What was the value of the property before the fire?

7. a man’s salary is $2,800.00 per year. He has $4,000.00 invested to 6%

interest. What is his total yearly income?

8. Name five ways of transmitting or sending money.






9. A Kansas farmer harvested 24.5 bushels per acre from a 30 acre wheat

field that he did not fertilize, and 34.75 bushels per acre from a 30 acre

wheat field that he did fertilize. How many bushels more did he get by

fertilizing> What did the whole crop bring him at $1.25 a bushel?

10. This is a matching exercise. Select terms from the first list and

write them in the blanks before the phrases which describe them.

   Annual premium  Installment buying

   Endorsing a note    Building and Loan

   Balance on hand

a.          means paying a certain part of the purchase price when the article

is bought, and the balance divided into portions payable at certain

specified times.

b.          is the yearly sum paid for an insurance policy.

c.           are associations in which people invest sacings that are loaned to

help other people build their own homes.

d.           is the sum remaining.

e.           means guaranteeing payment to the person or corporationloaning the


(From:  Whitman County Retired Teachers Asociation.  Education in the Rough:  With Memoirs of Early Teachers and Schools.  Colfax, Washington, Whitman County Retired Teachers Association, 1976)

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