A Board’s Eye View of the 1930’s

 Introduction:  The following are brief descriptions of some decisions made by the Yelm school board from 1930-1933.  Many of them reflect the  growing financing problem resulting from decreased tax revenues resulting from the economy slipping into a depression.

 June 6, 1930

 A small fee will be charged groups for using the facilities to help for light and heat

 August 1, 1930

 Bus Routes were discussed, including the Edwards, Eureka, Union Burn, and Donaldson routes.

November 4, 1930

Called for a special election for the purpose of determining what to do with Forest school property.  Vote to take place at “said meeting”

December 6, 1930

 Mrs. Eddy, Mrs. Wolf, and Mrs. Mosman asked to place books from town library in the school library for the summer.  (Taking advantage of a vacant shelf)  The district agreed but was not assuming any responsibility in regard to lost destroyed or misplaced books.  And to be removed in Sept.

January 7, 1931

Thanked  Mr. Roberston and staff for Xmas shrubery given to elementary schools

February 7, 1931

Forest school property sold to the grange for $300

March 30, 1931

The board, “Using the authority “in accordance with their best judgment the interest of the school in better conserved by the promulgation of certain rules and regulations resolved that the school board will not consider the application “as teacher of any married woman.. That n case a lady teacher enters into marriage contract with the school district shall be null and void.” 

April l1, 1931

Fred Brown sent a copy of Olympia district’s set of rules and regs for hall and playground duties.

April 6, 1931

Motion made by Bonnet that  retain Mr. Robertsno (principal)  for two years $2400.

Justman voted no

All non-resident teachers must live in the district during the school year.  This does not apply to Mr. Robertson

A motion to cut teachers wages 5% is introduced.  Justman voted no

Justman made a motion to cut staff salaries 10% for teachers and principal

Contracts of the single women teachers carried a non marriage clause

May 5, 1931

Job description of care taker was introduced

July 2, 1931

Discussion about keys to the gym and who have access.

August 7, 1931

A teacher, Kindschy, was present and reported not been able to find a house in the district.  He was “instructed to keep looking” and report back in a week

October 2, 1931

Millage was set at 10 mills

March 28, 1932

Justman wants 7% cut in salaries, but settles on 5%.  A 6% cut for principals

Voted to continue marriage and residency rules for staff

April 7, 1932

There was a discussion on insurance money from school fire.

April 8, 1932

Mr. Brown wants to have people vote on how to use the insurance money

A meeting was set at Masonic temple on April 19, 1932 at 8 pm

April 19, 1932

Those in attendance voted to use the insurance to build new school

Yes 85 no 4

Yes 93 no 6

P. Marti moved that build a school through 8th grade

Left over cash should be used for retiring old bonds

Clean-up of the burned down school was discussed.  Workers would be hired for

$2.88 per day for foreman and workmen.  Jobs should be given  “to needy men.”

April 27, 1932

Plans were discussed for building a new school.

Plan 1 – $12,800

3 rooms in present grade building

3grades in H.S.

playshed in old frame building

furnace room in old gym basement

Plan 2 – S25,500

Six rooms on present grade school building

3 rooms on H.S, building


furnace room

Plan 3 – $23,000

11 room building

8 rooms to be added to present grade school

a playshed on the old foundation

a furnace room on the old gym basement

a room for manual training (four hundred $)

a Vote was called for and passed 16-1 (But which one)

May 6, 1932

Thanks given to churches that housed kids after fire.

June 6, 1932

Men could sign up to help clean up the fire debris on Saturday June 11 from 1-3:30 pm

All applying had to have lived in district before the fire.

June 11, 1932 

230 men applied

June 27, 19332

Clerk Boney’s salary reduced from $100 to $74 per month.  Bus drivers reduced to $20 per month.  “Let the lawn go until fall and fertilize it later.”  Have no July board meeting.

Auust 8, 1932

Finally decided on Robertson issue.  He lived in Rainier, but that he could work at Yelm for life of his contract.

Mr. Garrrick of S.O. Products introduced the new S.O. floor dressing.  Mrs. Bonney moved that since this was a new product and “more or less an experiment” that we use the floor dressing recommended by the architect.  Passed

New bulletin boards purchased for $30

Change the lights in three original rooms $45

Refinish floors

Voted $400 for a cement floor in playshed

 November 4, 1932

Dr. Frisbie presented a dental program for teeth of grade schoolers.

Costs -400 hundred charts for examination of teeth  for $1.60, 4 smocks for girls assistants  board decided to provide material to use for girls to make smocks  and boxes for records

 February 3, 1933

 Substitutes pay  lowered to $3 per day, down from $5

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