Introducion:  This is Y.H.S. student handbok.


Our present grading system is not dependant upon scholastic standing alone. A student’s attitude in class also contributes toward his grade point standing, and helps make school more profitable for him.

Grade A– Extra work beyond assignments, marked improvement, initiative, and cooperation with teachers and students.

Grade B– All assignments well done, improvement, initiative, moderately good attitude.

Grade C– Most work done, attitude fair, average cooperation.

Grade D– Some lessons not complete little initiative, poor attitude.

Grade F– Complete failure in the meeting of minimum requirements.

Incomplete– This indicates that the student has been absent and has not completed his work for the grading period. Such a student is given three weeks to make up the work missed unless due to illness, then he his given a grade, or an “F” if the work is not in.


COMMERCIAL: bookkeeping; general Math; Shorthand I, II; Typing I, II; Journalism

ENGLISH: Composition I, II, III, IV; Literature; I, II, III, IV; Speech; Dramatics

MUSIC: Glee Club; Chorus; Band; Orchestra

HOME ECONOMICS: Cooking, Sewing; Child Care; Home Management

INDUSTRIAL ARTS: Mechanical Drawing; Shop; Agriculture

FINE ARTS: Sketching; Watercolors; Art Appreciation; Photography

MATHEMATICS: Algebra I, II, III; Trigonometry; Geometry

SCIENCES: General Sciences; Physics; Biology; Chemistry

HISTORY: U. S. History; Washington History; Vocational Civics; Government; World History

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Classes for girls and boys; athletics for boys

OTHERS: office, library, cafeteria


Many scholarships are offered which may provide four or more years of college education, or room rent for one or two semesters.

Information concerning these may be obtained from the office. Other information can be had by applying directly to the college you wish to attend.


1927 This year the teams competed against Puyallup, Olympia, Tenino, St. Martins, and Auburn. Four members of the basketball and two of the football teams are still residing in Yelm. i.e. Ray Pollman, Ed Harrison, Chester Reichel, and Charles Demich. Chester Reichel and Ed Harrison played both basketball and football.

1935 The construction of the new gym was completed. The newly-organized basketball team completed the season as one of the high teams in the league.

1936 Yelm entered the Pierce County League, and the football team battled its way to the top, to tie with Roy for first place. The play-off awarded the championship to Roy.\

1937 The baseball team became the Pierce County League Champions and received the championship trophy.

1938 Gain this year the football team zoomed to the top to tie with Fife for first place.

1939 This was the football team’s undefeated season of eight games. Yelm scored twenty-two touchdowns to the opponents two. This feat brought the school and team state-wide recognition and a trophy.

1940 The baseball team won the Pierce County League Championship trophy.

1941 The basketball team ranked second place in the district “B” Class Tournament.

1945 The basketball team placed third in the Pierce County League. Three members of the team were chosen for the all-star football team.

1946 The basketball team placed third in the Pierce County League and went to the “B” Class Tournament.

1949 The basketball team completed a very successful season, to tie for third place with Roy in the League. To gain admission to the “B” Class Tournament, Yelm defeated Roy and Foster. Yelm competed in the tournament for three days.


The inspirational award is given to the outstanding athlete of the year. Hes is chosen by the coach.

For 1947-48, Jack McCloud received this award: 1948-49, Bunny McCloud.

A medal is presented at graduation to the outstanding Senior Athlete.


The following are the rules of the Washington High School Athletic Association which apply in all cases of inter-school competition. To be eligible to represent his school in inter-school competition the pupil shall meet these conditions:

1. He shall be under 10 at the beginning of the sport season in which he participates.

2. He must have attended a four year high school not more than six semesters after he has earned six academic credits, or a three-year senior high school more than six semesters.

3. (a) He must have passed in at least 15 periods per week (3) full subjects in the previous semester. Deficiencies may not be made up. (b) His grades in three full subjects shall be passing from the beginning of the semester in which the contest is held to the date of the contest.

4. He shall have been in regular attendance in some elementary, intermediate, or high school during the semester immediately preceeding the semester in which the contest is held.

5. He shall have amateur standing.

6. He shall not represent any organization except as a member of the State Association in that branch of athletics.

7. His parents or guardians shall be bonafide residents of the high school district in which he is attending high school; providing that after one year’s attendance in a high school, this rule shall not apply to his subsequent attendance at that high school; and provided that a pupil from a non-high district shall not be subject to this rule except when he transfers from one high school to another.

8. He hall have enrolled in school no later than October 1, the first semester, and February 15, the second; and shall have been in regular attendance to the date of the contest.

9. He shall not have received awards of intrinsic value other than letters, medals, trophies, etc.

10. He must have had a physical examination for the current year.


1. No drinking or smoking

2. No fattening food before games.

3. Nine hours of sleep.


The girls of Yelm High School are offered a complete line of recreation in the Physical Education department. Two years of enrollment in Girl’s P.E. is required for graduation.

The major activities of the department are: volley ball, baseball, and basketball. Minors consist of tumbling, archery, social and square dancing.

There is keen competition between classes in athletic games. Those making teams receive points toward letters through their athletic organization, “Block Y”.

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