LITTLE TORNADO, circa 1948

Introduction:  This is the student handbook from Y.H.S.


When a pupil is not in school, he must bring a note from his parents, stating the reason for his absence. The only accepted reasons for absence are; illness, work at home, a dentist or doctor appointment.

Any Absence for other reasons is considered unexcused. Three such unexcused absences lower the student’s grades by one point. Three tardies to school count as one unexcused absence.


If a student becomes ill while at school, or has to leave for any reason whatsoever, he must check through the office. Failure to do so may mean a penalty.


The school is financed by the state, county, and local school district, on the basis of the number of pupils in attendance each day. Whenever a high school student is not present, 61.6 cents is subtracted from the amount given the school. Therefore better attendance can mean more and better equipment for the students’ use.


Students are urged to be prompt to classes to spare teachers and classmates unnecessary disturbance.

Students tardy to class report to the office for an admission slip. Teachers may require students who have unexcused tardiness to make up 15 minutes at noon or after school.

Three tardies become one unexcused absence. Three unexcused absences in one six-week period lower grades 1 letter grade.


Courtesy as defined by Webster: “polite behavior and thoughtfulness for others.” This rule is to be applied at all times.


Assemblies are held throughout the year for the enjoyment of the students and teachers. All students must attend these assemblies. Orderly attention is required at all times.


The Yelm High School Quill and Scroll Society, known as the Jean Bower Chapter, was organized by Mrs. Katherine Burgess in 1947. It originated with fifteen members and now has increased to thirty-one members, and five honorary members.

The qualifications for membership for students are as follows:

1. One must be of junior or senior standing when initiated.

2. One must be in the upper third of the class (scholarship).

3. One must have done superior work in writing, editing, art, or in business management.

4. One must be recommended by the advisor or by the committee governing publication.

5. One must have one year of journalism; write an article and take journalism the current year; or write an article and be a member of the newspaper of the annual staff.

The high school publication must be approved by the executive secretary of the International Quill and Scroll Society before a chapter may be formed.


The Torch Society of YHS is an Honor Society of the school, the symbol of which is the Torch.

The object of this organization is to establish good fellowship among the students interested in the pursuit of knowledge, to encourage scholarship by recognition of merit, and to promote school citizenship.

Points are earned to obtain membership in the Torch, —- points for grades, school offices, athletics, and dramatics. To be a member of Torch, a student must have earned 28 points during freshman year, 8 points by the end of his sophomore year, 90 points by the end of his junior year; in order to obtain permanent possession of the Torch, 1224 points by the end of his Senior year.

As character-development is a basic aim of this organization, good school citizenship is prerequisite for eligibility to membership.


The boys athletic organization of the school is the Lettermen’s Club. To become a lifetime member, a boy must earn a first team letter in any of his four high school years.


1927 This year the team competed against Puyallup, Olympia, Tenino, ST. Martins, and Auburn. Four of the basketball team and two of the football team are still residing in Yelm. i.e. Ray Pollman, Ed Harrison, Cherster Reichel, and Chuck Demich. Chester Reichel and Ed Harrison played both basketball and football.

1935 The construction of the new gym was completed. The newly-organized basketball team completed the season as one of the high teams in the league.

1936 Yelm entered the Pierce County League and the football team battled its way to the top, to tie with Roy for first place. The play-off game awarded the championship to Roy.

1937 The baseball team became the Pierce County League champions and were awarded the championship trophy.

1938 Again this year the football team zoomed to the top, to tie with Fife for first place.

1939 This was the football team’s undefeated season of eight games. Yelm scored twenty-two touchdowns to the opponents’ two. This feat brought the school and team state-wide recognition and a trophy.

1940 The baseball team won the Pierce County League championship trophy.

1941 The basketball team ranked second place in the tournament.


The following are the rules of the Washington High School Athletic Association which apply in all cases of inter-school competition. To be eligible to represent his school in inter-school competition the pupil shall meet these conditions:

1. He shall be under 20 at the beginning of the sport season in which he participates.

2. He must have attended a four year high school not more than six semesters after he has earned six academic credits, or a three year senior high school more than six semesters.

3. (a) He must have passed in at least 15 periods per week (3 full subjects) in the previous semester. Deficiencies may not be made up. (b) His grades in three full subjects shall be passing from the beginning of the semester in which the contest is held to the date of the contest.

4. He shall have been in regular attendance in some elementary, intermediate, or high school during the semester immediately preceding the semester in which the contest is held.

5. He shall have amateur standing.

6. He shall not represent any organization except a member of the State Association in that branch of athletics.

7. His parents or guardians shall be bonafide residents of the high school district in which he is attending high school; providing that after one year’s attendance in a high school, this rule shall not apply to his subsequent attendance at that high school; and provided that a pupil from a non-high district shall not be subject to this rule except when he transfers from one high school to another.

8. He shall have enrolled in school not later than October 1 the first semester and February 15 the second, and shall have been in regular attendance to the date of the contest.

9. He shall not have received awards of intrinsic value other than letters, medals, trophies, etc.

10. He must have had a physical examination for the current year.


1. No drinking or smoking.

2. No fattening food before games.

3. Nine hours of sleep.



Visitor Host

Yelm 0 Orting 25

Roy 0 Yelm 27

Yelm 0 Eatonville 33

Fife 13 Yelm 0

Kapowsin 13 Yelm 0

Yelm 8 Peninsula 13

Yelm 13 Federal Way 6


Visitor Host

Orting 35 Yelm 26

Yelm 35 Roy 50

Eatonville 39 Yelm 24

Yelm 24 Fife 26

Yelm 35 Kapowsin 31

Peninsula 31 Yelm 18

Federal Way 16 Yelm 41

Yelm 42 Orting 33

Roy 42 Yelm 33

Yelm ? Eatonville ?

Fife 33 Yelm 28

Kapowsin 22 Yelm 31

Yelm 23 Peninsula 27

Yelm 42 Federal Way 34


1. Take criticism with a smile. When you’re in the wrong, that’s the time your true character is revealed.

2. Be polite and courteous to your elders—–that includes your teachers. (Common courtesy provides that you listen quietly whenever someone else is speaking)

3. It’s the personality that counts. Make yours one hundred percent perfect.

4. “Speaking well of everyone is speaking”

5. Fingernails are much more attractive.

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