Yelm School Directors, 1946-53

Thurston County School Dist#400

 Board Meeting Feb. 13, 1946

 Members present: Mr. Wilcox, Mr. Cook, Mr. Merz, and Sr.

             (Mr. Jensen, Mr. Thurston were not present.)

1946 – Truman Wilcox, Dan Cook, William Merz, Cy Jensen, Tom Thurston

December 11, 1946 – Mr. Cook, Mr. Wilcox, Mr. Merz, Sr., Cy Jensen

Nov. 17, 1948 – Chester Reichel; Chas. Capen;  Dan Cook and Truman Wilcox.

April 13, 1949 – Chester Reichel, Arthur Loney, Charles. Capen, Dan Cook, and Truman Wilcox

November 9, 1949 – Dan Cook, Chas. Capen, Arthur Loney, Chester Reichel and

Leonard Kaufman.

November. 29, 1950 – Members present: Arthur Loney, Dan Cook, L. A. Kaufman, Chester Reichel, and  Charles Capen.

July 25, 1951 – A.G. Loney, Dan Cook, Chester Reichel, L. A. Kaufman,

Chas. Capen.

November. 18, 1953 – Members present: Cook, Hastings, Edwards, Reichel.

 January 21, 1953 – Members present: Chester Reichel, Kaufman, Capan, Cook, Hastings.

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