Teaching Staff Completed For Yelm School District, 1943

Nisqually Valley News  Thursday August 19, 1943           

The fall term of school will open on Monday, September 13th according to Superintendent O.L. Montgomery. Mr. Montgomery reports that it has been estimated on good authority that the United States will have more than 100,000 teacher vacancies unfilled when school opens this fall.

In order to employ a full staff in District N. 400 it has been necessary to hire teachers from other states. This year teachers have been contracted for from Dakota, Montana, Illinois, Missouri, Idaho, Arizona, and Washington.

The teachers will be, according to Mr. Montgomery:

Principals: J. M Johnson, Frank A. Bower, and Harry Southworth.

Primary teachers: Fannie B. King (grades 1-6 inclusive); Alice Boyd, Illinois; Patricia Coffey, Idaho; Opal Hibbard, Missouri; Ada Harth, Frances Norton; Buna Belle Carvett, of Grandview, Washington.

Intermediate teachers: Evelyn C. Clumpner, Lewis County; Vivian Uhlman, Arizona; Kathryn Rosenbaum, Montana.

Upper grades: Laura Hahn, W.H. Thun; Paul Brincken, Ruby Lynne, Dakota; and Laura Midteater, of Tacoma.

High school teachers: Grace Howard; Eva P. Curry; Ethel Jane Cahoon; Nettie F. McNeil; Mary Lou O’Bryon; Clarence Jean; and Frank Bower.

By delaying the opening to Sept. 13 to help the bean growers, it is hoped that everyone will be ready to start school on the first day.

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