Greetings to our Staff!, undated

Here we are again with another year ahead

Of busy happy learning in district Four Hundred.

We’d like to have you meet the faculty of the school,

Who’ll help our children grow in democratic rule.

First we’ll introduce the leader of the gang,

‘Tis supt. Marvin Stevens, to start off with a bang.

Frank Bowers, as you know, is principal of the High,

And Harry Southworth directs the little younger guy.

William Thun, we won’t forget, from across Nisqually River,

In McKenna School reigns as chief lawgiver.

In the department of Music, Anton Hillisland,

Teaching our kids harmony in chorus and in band.

In the realm of King’s English, here’s Mrs. Marie Stout,

Rose Carbone teaches Spanish, Dramatics, and in English helps out.

Do you hear the noise from the typists clickety clacks?

The know-how is taught by Eugenia Fairbanks.

Edgar Prescott presides over History and Social Science,

With sweet Alice, from grade seven, has marital alliance.

Training our boys is Robert Walen, out in the shops,

To wife Joan in Home Ec., you bet he is tops.

Coach Spencer teaches Science as well as P.E.

Howard Newfield for the Veterans, leader is he.

“Ma” Jean Grinde, loved of teenagers, is library clerk,

And Robert Marshall at librarian and visual aids work.

Richard Rupert and Ruby Donaldson come from grade eight,

Lillian Nichols in the seventh, our program keeps straight.

Here come the sisters, from sixth grade so cheery,

Let me introduce the Misses Jane and Margaret O’Leary.

William Skillings, of the Grade School, Vice Principal,

Teaches the fifth with newcomer, Howard Bradwell,

Mrs. Grace Groutage has grades four and three,

Sir Marvin Capps takes in the fourth only.

Elsie Wheeler is three, Esther Raab three and two,

Ethel Weeks the second, our acquaintance will renew.

Thea Spencer and Cassie Pierce importantly click

With beginners in reading, writing arithmetic.

From McKenna comes Eva Miller and Ruby Lynne,

And Collins enjoys Laura Lasley and Gracie Fee.

Take a bow, Teachers, and Friends give a hand,

As fine a group as can be anywhere in our land


                                       Mary M. Engebretsen

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