1949-50: The Yelm P.T.A.

Introduction: The Yelm PTA maintained scrapbooks for a number of years of their existence.  The 1949-50 scrapbook was also maintained by Mrs. Alice Prescott and chronicles the PTA organization for that school year.

Yelm PTA Hears Prominent Educator Tuesday Evening

Nisqually Valley News October 6, 1949

The Yelm Parent Teachers Association meeting was held in the high school auditorium on Tuesday evening with Miss Anna Marne Neilson as the guest speaker.  The meeting, presided over by Mrs. Harold Wolf, opened with an invocation by Rev. Wm. Fichards, and was followed by a flag salute led by Boy Scouts Bobby Fields and Dick Birkland as flag bearers.

Mrs. Wolf introduced Mrs. Clarence Hughes, of the American Legion Auxiliary, who said the purpose of Girls State at Pullman was to learn a better way in life and government and presented Katherine Miller, a delegate from Yelm to the Girls State, who gave a summary of her activities and fun on that occasion and expressed her appreciation of being allowed to represent Yelm.  Jim Simcox and Dick Sokolik, who represented Yelm at the American Legion Boy’s State as the delegates sent by the American Legion and the Yelm Lions Club, told how much they enjoyed their experiences in learning about the government while at Boys State.

Mrs. Eve Tucker, secretary, read the minutes of the past executive committee meeting.  Mrs. Wolf thanked the Des Chutes Grange and Jim Metrakes for the PTA booth at the Des Chutes 4H Fair.  On October 31, Halloween, the PTA will sponsor a County Fair Harvest Festival in the grade school auditorium.  All rooms will be taking a part and lots of entertainment is being arranged for everyone.

The president announced that they Yelm PTA will be hosts for the next County Convention on Saturday, November 19th, at the school.

The dates for the PTA School of Instruction will be the second and fourth Thursday of the month, beginning October 13th, at the school.  Rec. William Richards will lead in parent and child relationship; Joan Walen, home Economics instructor, will help you with sewing; Marie Hoff, English teacher will help you with confidence.

Mrs. Harry Bell presented her talented group of Mothersingers which includes Mrs. E.A. Prescott, Mrs. Harry Bell, Mrs. Phronie Smith, Mrs. Elsie Schneider, Mrs. Wilma Parker and Mrs. Neil Sherman.  The date for the Mothersingers to meet will be the second and fourth Thursdays at 7 o’clock, in the band room at school, beginning October 13th.

The Mothersingers extend a welcome to any mother tom meet with them and enjoy singing with a group.

Ralph Peoples, program chairman presented the 1949-50 PTA Yearbook, using as a theme, “For Every Child the Greater Opportunity”.  He thanked Miss Eugenia Fairbanks and class for their fine work on the publication of the yearbook.

Harry Southworth introduced the guest speaker, Miss Anna Marne Neilsen, of Pacific Lutheran College, who spoke with a humorous, pleasant personality which was felt by the crowd.  She stressed the fact that all children as well as adults were differed and geared different, and warned not to try and stretch your child to learn beyond his ability.  She said start you child on a good foundation and he will gain confidence and succeed.  The audience was very happy to have heard and met Miss Neilsen.

The meeting was adjourned and all enjoyed pumpkin pie and coffee served by the third grade mothers, with Mrs., Roger Eide as chairman.

Keep in mind the Fathersingers and be one of the gathers to have the privilege of showing how well you can sing, Ralph Simcox is in charge of this group.

Important School Election to Be Held in February

Nisqually Valley News

The cold weather has placed considerable strain on school transportation.  Wednesday, four school busses failed to start.  This places a great hardship upon the students who depend upon a bus to come on regular schedule, and must wait in cold weather for a bus that is late or doesn’t make the run.  It is difficult to start new an dup to date equipment in extreme cold weather, but old equipment is very undependable.  Regardless of good repair and maintenance work it is impossible to predict what is going to give next on an old bus.

Prices have more than doubled in the last 10 years on busses, yet the income from depreciation on busses is based on purchased price on new busses-now owned by the district.  Therefore the income is not sufficient to make these necessary replacements.  The state does not pay depreciation on busses over 10 years old and half o School District No. 400 busses are over 10 years old.

In 1945 six school busses transported all the students in our district.  Today it takes 9 busses, three which are much larger than we have ever had before.  One of these even makes two trips.

Therefore if parents whish to have adequate, safe transportation for their children, it is necessary to make some replacements.  It the levy fails we shall have to continue with the old busses and break downs as some of the busses are beyond the state of reasonable repair.

The school board would appreciate having every voter cast a ballot regardless of whether you are for or against the special levy.  The only way they can determine the wished of the public is to have a large number turn out and cast a ballot in the election on Saturday, February 4th.  Polls will be open from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Yelm High School, McKenna School and Lackamas Community Hall.

Scenes From the December 7, 1949 PTA Meeting

Demonstration of Modern School Equipment (picture)

Social Hour  (picture)

PTA Group Enjoys Talk By Willis Rambo

Nisqually Valley News

Parents and teachers attending the Yelm PTA meeting Tuesday evening were fortunate to hear a very excellent speaker, Willis Rambo, superintendent of the Montesano schools, and state head of the Washington Education Association.  Mr. Rambo was well qualified to speak on “Are Our Children Brats?” and told of the outstanding virtues of honor students that receive scholarships, honor awards and letters throughout their school years to the poorest type of delinquent students, irregular in attending classes and continually in trouble.  Mr. Rambo stressed that every school had these two extremes in students and said the majority of students are good “kids” and a big bulk of them are the backbone and hope of our generation.

Mr. Rambo’s talk was appreciated by all present and the PTA wished to thank him for coming to Yelm.

Marvin Stevens reported for the Legislative committee, and said not enough votes were cast to carry the ten mill levy, voted on last Saturday, but 242 votes for were received as against 60 against, with 415 votes needed.  People just didn’t go to the polls and vote for this levy, so badly needed, and it is hoped the voters will be able to vote on this 10 mill levy again.

Mrs. Gladys Morris, Ralph Simcox, Mrs. Austin Weeks, Mrs. Milo Schneider and Leonard Darnell were nominated to serve on the nominating committee, to choose a panel for election of officers in the spring.

Mr. Hillesland presented a few members of the chorus that sand three numbers, “My God and I,” “All Thru the Night,” and “Santa Fe Trail.”

Refreshments were served in the cafeteria by the second and fifth grade mothers.  The Founders Day birthday cake was beautifully decorated in pink and white, “Happy Birthday to Parents and Teachers” was sung by everybody.  The tables were decorated in pink and white with a pink candy and candy hearts in the center of each table.  Ladies responsible for the special refreshments were Mrs. Bill Olson, Mrs. Percy Herness, Mrs. Roger Ramsay, Mrs. Floyd Phillips and Mrs. Dallas Edwards.

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