July 13, 1944 – News About The Boys In the U.S. Army and Navy

Nisqually Valley News

D. L. Hobart of the Baer Field, Fort Wayne Indiana has been promoted from the grade of private first class to corporal. He is the son of Mrs. Dona Hobart, of Yelm. Hobart is now a member of the Troop Carrier Command. Also in the service of this country is his brother, Eugene. Before entering the service he was employed at the Seattle Tacoma Shipyards in Tacoma.

Sgt. William L. Hunter, of McCook Nebraska is home on furlough with his wife the former Aris June Wilson at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Harley Wilson.

Cook 1c and Mrs. Tom alongi left on Monday evening for Rhode Island where Mr. Alongi is to attend school for a while and he assigned to a new squadron. Tom has been serviced in Africa and Italy and later was in New Guinea and the South Pacific.

Doyal Gallagher son of Mr. And Mrs. F. D. of Yelm who is now stationed temporarily at Bremerton spent the week end at the home of his parents.

Cpl. Allen McNett son of Mr. and Mrs. William McNett of Yelm and Pvt.  Phil Martin son of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Marin of Tacoma but formerly of Yelm recently met in Italy at Naples and renewed old friendship. Cp. McNett has since been sent to Africa where he’s in the intelligence section of the Army. Martin is with the Army engineers and drives one of those big cats that clear off landing fields and highways so fast, thus allowing airplanes to fly and troops to move forward and engage the enemy.

Dick Loutsenhiser writes from Ft. Riley, Kansas, to send the paper to him and send his folks the bill. Dick says he doesn’t get any news from home and he wants it. Seaman 2c Gordon McGlothlen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar McGlothlen of Yelm who has been at Farragut for the past two months undergoing his boot camp training arrived home on Friday to spend a ten day furlough previous to being assigned to active duty

Ted Ison Quartermaster 3rd class son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ison who has been home for the past tow weeks on leave after spending two years away form home a good apart of that time in the South Pacific. Monday he leaves to return to duty with the Navy.

Thursday, July 20 1944

3200 Mexicans To Help With Pea and Orchard Harvests

More then 2300 Mexican farm workers are scheduled to arrive in Washington this month to help with the summer’s harvest, reports Arthur F. Kulin, Extension Service farm labor supervisor at the State college of Washington.

“Although these Mexican nationals will help, the bulk of the harvesting must still be done by local folks, especially women, boys and girls, who do not ordinarily work on farms” Kulin said.

One trainload of 350 Mexicans were to work in Columbia, Garfield, Skagit and Snohomish count pea harvests, and to help with orchard jobs in Okanogan county, Other trainloads are scheduled to arrive regularly until the entire 2300 are located on Washington state farm jobs.

News About the Boys in the U.S. Army and Navy

Leo Morgan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Morgan of the Yelm, has been promoted to Warrant Machinist and is now wearing the gold braid that goes with that job. Also coming with the promotion was a furlough, which he is spending with his wife at Barberton, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Sr. home that his furlough will be of sufficient duration to give him a chance to come home and visit them.

A telephone call has bee received from Winston (Bud) Gallear Slc, that he has arrived in the states after four battles in the Pacific, in which he took par, He expects to be home on leave in about tow weeks.

Aviation Cadet Walter D. Yenne, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Yenne, of Yelm, has arrived at Porrin Field., Texas, for his basic pilot school for ten weeks of intensive training which will lead to graduation as a flying officer of the Army Air Forces. Perrin Field is a unit of the AAF Central Flying Training Command.

Seaman lc George Harris, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Harris of Yelm, arrived home Wednesday evening to be here until next Monday. George will go from here to Camp Shoemaker, California, to await an assignment with the Fleet.

Mrs. H. O. Martin has received word from her son, Dick, who has been in a hospital in New York for an operation for appendicitis, which was done on July 5thk that he is doing nicely and that his homecoming will be delayed about twenty one days.

Clarence Stancil, SC1c. son of Mr. and Mr.’s A. A. Stancil, has recently returned after spending three months at sea. He was a member of an Armed Guard Unit aboard an American merchant vessel, and visited ports on the West Coast, Ventral Pacific and the North Pacific. He was an interested spectator at the ball game last Sunday between Yelm and the Mount Rainier Ordnance Base.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Summers have heard from their son, Allen, who is a paratrooper, and one of the first to land in France on D Day. Allen, we are happy to report, never received a scratch, and was fine in every way.

Slc James sokollk was home for supper last Saturday evening, with his mother, Mrs. James Sokollk. His ship had put back into port for some additional repair work.

Pvt. Charles ?????  is at Fort Lewis for a few days but doesn’t know where his next camp will be.

????? and Mrs. Mervin Lawson, of Sal Pedro, are visiting for a few days at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Stancil.

Slc Wesley Stancil, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Stancil is expected home this month on leave, as he is to be stationed at a Navy Base in California in the near future.

Seamen Sc James E. Brown, James E. Anderson, John D. Westlake and Hiram Smith, who are all stationed at the Gunmers Mate School on Lake Union, in Seattle, were week end guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edw. J. Brown.

Tech. Sgt. Clarence (Towhead) Inman arrived home this last week after serving 25 months on duty with the Medical Corps in the Aleutian Islands. Clarence arrived in Seattle, where his wife, the former Miss Eileen Sparling met him. He expects to be home on a twenty day furlough, after which he will go to California for further training and assignment.

Word has been received by Mrs. Howard E. Brown that her husband Slc Howard Brown is now where he can eat his fill of banana and cocoanuts.

First Lieutenant Robert Conine, son of Mrs. Hester Conine of Tumwater, has been home on leave after eight months in Italy. Lt. Conine is a pilot of the B24 bomber and wears the Air Medal with four Oak Leaf Clusters. While at home he was married to Miss Charlotte McKissick, of Pocatello Idaho. At the expiration of his leave, Lt. Conine will report to Santa Monica, California, for further assignment.

Kennety Murray AQM lc, of the U. S. Navy, has recently been home on leave at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Murray, of Tacoma. Kenneth Lived in Yelm for many years and is a graduate of the Yelm High School with the class of 1938.

Farmers May Buy Used Army Trucks from Treasury

A ???? quantity of army trucks and others declared a surplus by various governmental agencies are now available for sale to dealers through the procurement division of the Treasury department, according to word received by W. A. Wolf, state AAA chairman.

So farmers are fill their needs from this pool of trucks and guarantee a fair share for agriculture, the AAA is permitted to certify farmers requests direct to the treasury.

In such cases a dealer whom farer designates may buy the used truck directly from the Treasury department at ceiling prices. This eliminates going through the usual bid procedure.

Farmers interested in buying a used truck should see their county AAA committee at once for details. The machines are available now and the supply is expected to increase in the next few months.

They are mostly 1939 or older models although some are 1940, 1941 and 1942 tracks.

Thursday, August 24 1944

“Bud” Wolf Missing In Action Over In France

Homer L. (Bud) Wolf, who is a Flight Lieutenant with the Royal Canadian Air Force, is reported missing in action, according to word received her by his father H. L. Wolf, of Roy.

Lt. Wolf was born and raised in Roy, later attending the University of Washington and Harvard, where he attended the Law School. Bud had been over seas for more than two year most of that time in England where he was an instructor. He had where he was an instructor. He had entered combat only a short time before he was reported missing.

News About the Boys In the U.S. Army and Navy

The News received a letter from Ralph Weber, SF2c who is aboard a repair ship somewhere in the Pacific in which he tells how much he enjoys the news. He also mentioned the fact that he saw Mike McVi????  And Louis alongi on the way out and said it was fun to be with some of the old gang again. Ralph says he doesn’t like to be so far from home. He will be glad to get back—“there are some swell people there”

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Mosman have received good news about their son. Cpl. Wm. Mosman., and all that it was, was a letter written to Bill that was returned from his outfit in Europe, with his address there scratched out and in its place “Yelm Washington” was inserted by the military authorities there. Just what all this actually means has not been determined yet. But at least the implications are that Bill is on his way home on a furlough. His parents have not seen him for 28 months. He left home when the family still lived in Montana, coming to Fort Lewis.

Pvt. George Fogle. Son of Mr. and Mrs. George Fogle, of Yelm arrived in Yelm last Friday after almost three years spent in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. With an infantry regiment there, Pvt. Fogle had not seen his parent for a full three years, have then going to Alaska. Pct. Fogle will leave in a few days for Georgia where he will be reassigned.

A. O.M. lc Bob Schultz left last week for Pearl Harbor., according to word received here by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Schultz.

Pvt. Bill McMonigle arrived home on Wednesday with a medical discharge and he, as well as his wife and parents were all very happy about the occasion. Bill has been stationed at Camp hood, Texas

Lt. George W. Gray, who is the husband of former Miss Irene Morrow, who live din Yelm for many ears, ahs received the Bronze Star which was awarded for his bravery in evacuating the wounded from Nunda air field., while under fire and for intrepidity and bravery while on connaisance patrol in enemy had territory on New Georgia Island. Lt. Gras is well known by many Yelm folks. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Gray, of Seattle. He is now stationed in New Guinea.

Capt. Jack Gruber., con of Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Gruber ahs arrived back in the U.S. and is expected home some time this next week form the East Coast. Capt. Gruber flew back form England.

Mrs. Frances Jolley was happily surprised by her so, Bill Jolley, who is a third officer mate on a merchant ship. When he arrived home on Wednesday morning Bill received his training at the officer’s school in San Pedro California where he was to report back on Wednesday August 30. Bill has seen a lot of the world since he joined the Merchant Marines and is apparently due to see some more of it before the war is over.

Mrs. Team Gri??? Of Pacific City and formerly of Rainier received word on Thursday that her son Homer is reported missing in action.

Fire Control man 2c Virginia Bircher son of Mr. and Mrs. John Bircher is home for a few days leave while his ship is in Seattle. He arrived home on Sunday. Virgil has seen a lot of action and has been in several major battles.

Seaman lc Wally Music of the advanced Naval Trailing station of Lake Union in Seattle spent the week end with his mother. Mrs. Anna Music.

Thursday July ?? 1944

News About Boys In The U. S. Army And Navy

Lt. Charles N. Gruber, formerly assistant chief of the Military Personnel Branch at Los Angeles Port of Embarkation, has been transferred to the Operations Division of the War Department General Staff. His wife, Mrs. Lois I Gruber, lives in Yelm. Lt. Gruber has been visiting in Yelm for The past couple of weeks.

Hal Wolf, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Wolf arrived home on Wednesday evening for this s leave following his boot camp training at Farragut, Idaho. Mr. and Mrs. Wolf drove to Seattle to meet him there. While here Hal will spend a night at Camp Olympus with other by Scouts from Yelm

Bill Densley, grandson of Mrs. C. J. Hughes is now in the Army and stationed at Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Arkansas, according to word received here by Mrs. Hughes.

Staff Sgt. And Mrs. Rex Eide have arrived home Thursday of this week from Colorado Springs, where Rex has been stationed with a Mountain Artillery Uni. Rex is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Eide. When Rex Eide and Hal Wolf both get here you can almost expect wolf’s Store to shut down for a few days so that the Eide and Wolf families can do a first class job of visiting with their sons.

Wesley Stancil, Aviation Ordnance Mate Rc, is now home on the 14 day leave at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. stencil. Wes, who was a graduate from the Yelm High School in the class of 1943, has recently been training at the Beaufort, South Carolina.

Pvt. Charles Sokolik, son of Mrs. Jane Sokolik, is now stationed at Camp Roberts, California.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Morehouse have recently received a letter from their grandson, Staff Sgt. Charles E. Ogier, who is now in England. He had been awarded the Air Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters and the Distinguished Flying Cross. He modestly states; “nothing outstanding, but I’m proud of them.”

Pfc. and Mrs. Wayne Vancil and small daughter, Betty, returned to their home in Merced, California on Thursday, after spending furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Vancil and Family. Wayne is in the U. S. Army Medical Corps.

Leonard Docherty, son of Mrs. B.J Docherty, reported for induction into Uncle Sam’s Navy on Thursday.

Sgt. And Mrs. Don Marr and small son, Bill, were in Yelm seeing old friends on Tuesday. Don has recently been training in California, and expects that his will be his lust furlough before being shipped out.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Yenne are in Texas, visiting their son, Aviation Cadet Dale Yenne, at Perrin Field. On their return trip they will come by way of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to visit their other son, Staff Sgt. And Mrs. Jack Yenne.

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