July 20, 1944 – News about the Boys in the U.S. Army and Navy

Nisqually Valley News

Leo Morgan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Morgan, of Yelm, has been promoted to Warrant Machinist and is now wearing the gold braid that goes with that job.  Also coming with the promotion was a furlough, which he is spending with his wife at Barberton, Ohio.  Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Sr hope that his furlough will be of sufficient duration to give him a chance to come home and visit them.

A telephone call has been received from Winston (Bud) Gallear S1c that he has arrived in the states after four battles in the pacific, in which he took part.  He expects to be home on leave in about two weeks.

Aviation Cadet Walter D. Yenne, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Yenne, of Yelm, has arrived at Perrin Field, Texas, for his basic pilot school for ten weeks of intensive training which will lead to graduation as a flying officer of the Army Air Forces.  Perrin Field is a unit of the AAF Central Flying Training Command.

Seaman 1c George Harris, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Harris of Yelm, arrived home Wednesday evening to be here until next Monday.  George will go from here to Camp Shoemaker, California, to await an assignment with the fleet.

Mrs.  H.  O.  Martin has received word from her son, Dick, ho has been in a hospital in New York for an operation for appendicitis, which was done on July 5th, that he is doing nicely and that his homecoming will be delayed about twenty one days.

Clarence Stancil, SC1c, son of Mr. and Mrs.  A.  A.  Stancil, has recently returned after spending three months at sew.  He was a member of an Armed Guard Unit aboard an American merchant vessel, and visited ports on the West Coast, Central Pacific and the North Pacific.  He was an interested spectator at the ball game last Sunday between Yelm and the Mount Rainier Ordnance Base.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Summers have heard from their son, Allen, who is a paratrooper, and one of the first to land in France on D-Day.  Allen, we are happy to report, never received a scratch, and was fine in every way.

S1c James Sokollk was home for supper last Saturday evening, with his mother, Mrs. Jane Sokollk.  His ship had put back into port for some additional repair work.

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