October 14, 1943 – News About The Boys In The U.S. Army And Navy

Nisqually Valley News

Aviation Student Dale Yenne, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Yenne is now attending the Butler University at Indianapolis, Indiana. Dale plays the trumpet in the military band there.

Darrel Otto, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Otto, left on Thursday for the Naval Training station at Farragaut, Idaho, where he will undergo further training in the Navy.

Pvt. Lonnie Phay arrived home on Wednesday from Aberdeen, Friday for a short visit with his wife and baby son, Danny, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Carew. Lonnie will return to his camp on Tuesday of next week.

Ernie Johnstone, QM3C, surprised his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Johnstons, by calling them to Tacoma on Friday evening to bring him home.  He had left California that day. Ernie said it was the longest short ride he had had so far. Coming up by plane he enjoyed his ride home and said he wished it could be longer as there are many more people he would like to see. His parents drove to Tacoma Thursday on the first leg of his trip back to California, which will be by plane from Tacoma. Ernie is on a big transport.

Robert E. Orindo, 19, fireman of Yelm, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Orindo of Yelm, has completed his basic training at the Submarine School. Submarine Base, New London, Conn. for duty with the growing fleet of undersea fighters. Fireman Orindo will be entitled to wear the twin dolphin insignia of the submarine service after further experience aboard a submarine during which time he must demonstrate to his commanding officer that he is fully qualified to carry on the duties of hit rate. The insignia is a mark of distinction throughout the Navy. Orindo attended Yelm High, lettering in football. He has been in the Navy since November of last year and received initial training at Farragaut, Idaho. The submarine School, the only one of the kind in the Navy, is attended by a picked group of men who must pass special physical, mental and psychological tests. The school work takes place not only in the class rooms and laboratories, but also in numerous training submarines in which students master the actual techniques of operating to powerful fighting craft.

2nd Lt. Martin J. Gruber, son of Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Gruber of Yelm is now undergoing rigorous combat training as pilot at the Harvard, Nebraska Air Base, in connection with Army Flying Fortress and engined bombers. Upon completion of his training in the 2nd Air Force, he will be sent overseas to a combat area to do his part in defeating the Axis nations. Jack is a graduate of Yelm High School and attended the University of Washington. His old school pal, Abbie Huhndorf is now a 1st lieutenant navigator and bombardier with a bombard squadron somewhere overseas. Abbie is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Al Huhndorf, former residents of Yelm.

Ted Isom, who is a radio man with the U.S. Navy, writes that he can’t say where he is but there are lost of cocoanuts there. At least we know Ted is not suffering from the cold.

Cpl. Bill Welsdopp, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Wesdopp, left Thursday after spending a furlough with his parents. Bill plays a trumpet in an Army Band of a Coast Artillery Regiment. The regiment is stationed at Santa Monica, California. Bill had a lot of ?? to do while he was here and enjoyed it all.

Bob Fristoe and Parker Gloyd, both of the V12 group at the University of Washington, were weekend guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.K. Fristoe.

The News had a letter from Sgt. Russell Eide, who is in New Guinea last week. Russell says the best thing next to a letter from his folks is a copy of the News. He told what he could about his work, which was next to nothing, but we were very happy to receive the letter. It always does the editor good to know that the boys get some pleasure and comfort out of the News, and especially anyone that we know all well as we do Russell.

The grapevine report is that Neal Curry, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Curry, is now an aviation cadet. Good luck Neal.

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