February 11, 1943 – Who’s Who in Yelm Dr. W. H. Frisbie

Nisqually Valley News

Making his living off other persons’ pains and complaint hasn’t tainted Dr. D. H. Frisbies sociable outlook on life.  With the solemnity of Methusalah he regales his patients and the Yelm Lions club with jokes and a rarity indeed, he doesn’t betray beyond a twinkle in his eye he thinks his stories are funny.

Yelm’s Fred Allen was born in Lena, Illinois, but received his academic schooling at Ellsworth College in Iowa Falls, Iowa and has a degree from Iowa State University.  During the two prosperous post war years he built up a rushing dental business in the Middle West, only to find that during the financial slump which followed, most people were more interested in headaches that toothaches.  Selling his office equipment Dr. Frisbie came West to Washington and picked Yelm as the town he would most like to settle in.

That was in 1924.  Today he still occupies his office on Yelm’s main street even though his colleagues in Tacoma have often urged him to give up his rural practice for a more flourishing urban business.  “Doc” will often go up to Tacoma, look over the offices which are offered. [unclear] a ready made clientele, and then solemnly announce to his brethren in dentistry the many reasons that Yelm is a better town from all stead points that Tacoma.  (We hope he wasn’t too convincing for this town couldn’t quite support all the dentists in Tacoma who might decide to give this “outside life” a whirl.)

His very early life seems to intrigue him, for he was prepared for instantaneous recitation with an account of each of his birthdays up to the age of five.

“When I was one,” he solemnly announces, “I had a birthday cake with one candle on it.  I ate the cake.  When I was two, I must have suffered a slight setback for I ate the candles instead of the cake.  When I was three I learned my first word, ‘mama.’  At four I learned my second word, ‘dada.’  But when I was five my mother had to wash my mouth out with in flavored with tar soap.

Evidently our dentist learned [unclear] that.  His repertoire also included the account of first love when [unclear] fell in love when at the age of [unclear]  that is another story. [unclear]  that on for him to [unclear]  while you are under the [unclear]

After going into business in Yelm, Dr. Frisbie married Miss Ora Harcourt who was formerly principle of the Yelm High School.  Not being satisfied with the ordinary number of children, “Doc” claims all the youngsters who pass by his office on their way to and from school, as his own.

“That’s the reason I located my office on its present site,” claims the dentist.  “I wouldn’t give up my friendship with all these swell kids for anything in the world, and I’m almost as fond of most of their parents.”

The Lions Club, both the local organization and the other clubs in the area, receive most of Dr. Frisbie’s spare time.  Most of Yelm’s business men belong to this organization which has preformed so many outstanding services for this community.

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