February 18, 1943 – Who’s Who in Yelm Louis O. Cochrane

Nisqually Valley News

A jackrabbit might be attributed as the cause for Louis O. Cochrane’s ten day trek by mule team for Central Oregon to Yelm in 1914.  Jackrabbits, which are neither good to eat nor pleasant to smell, combined with a semi-drought which swept the Big Bend Country of our neighboring state at that time, made a virtual dust bowl of the Cochrane homestead; and Louis decided to come north seeking land.

Settling on a ten acre farm which is still his home, he raised berries on his new and fertile land. In 1920 he entered the real estate and insurance industries here, and it was the following year that Cochrane and W. N. Goodwin founded the Yelm Reality Company which is still in business today engaged in the development and sale of tracts of land and buildings in this community.

In 1934 Mr. Cochrane became Yelm postmaster, a position which he has held continually since then. The same year also brought another change when he married Miss Mae Smith, a local resident, and a teacher in the Yelm schools. Cochrane at the same time acts as president of the Washington Packers’ Association and has made several trips to Washington, D. C.  in his official position.  And all this still leaves him time to get in a little fishing on the side now and then.

“I’m not a’ good fisherman, but one doesn’t have to be to enjoy a sport like that,” said Yelm’s stable postmaster.

All this just goes to show that grandfathers still have more pep and energy than most youngsters, for Louis has become a grandfather twice in recent years.  One of his sons is a chief radioman on a submarine, somewhere in the South Pacific, Douglas and the other son, Donald, works on the Pacific Telephone Company in Seattle.

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