February 18, 1943 – Who’s Who in Yelm Ed Brown

Nisqually Valley News

A lifelong resident of this state is Ed Brown of the Browns Bros. Garage, for he was born at Roslyn, raised in Roy, and hat resided in Yelm since 1924.  Before this date he had occasionally worked here as an assistant to his brother, George.

While on a leisure trip to Los Angeles during this same year, Mr. Brown married Miss Barbara Byroulfski, with whom he had been acquainted before his journey south.  The couple now has three children, all of whom attend school in Yelm.  Jimmy, who is seventeen, and Barbara, who is sixteen, both attend Yelm High School, whereas Lucille, seven, is in grade school here.

In 1925 Ed and George built that part of their garage which is used for servicing cars and machines and it wasn’t until a year or two later that they purchased the building in which they now have their office. Miss Vera Brown, a sister of the mechanical minded brothers, is in a charge of the office of their concern.

Like his brother, Ed finds little time for outside interests and amusements, most of his spare time being spent from necessity, at the garage.  He did confess, however, to a passion for deer hunting, in season of course.

With the familiar twinkle in his eyes, he drawled, “Yeah, and sometimes I even manage to get one when I go hunting.”

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