1971 – School Amends Dress Code

The Nisqually Valley News

Thursday November 18, 1971

The Yelm School Board played before a packed house last Thursday when they held their

regular meeting.. .Several change orders were discussed by the board… The dress code

change, formulated by the students, was on the agenda with the full house yelling for

change. The three board members John Cullens, Harold Brezicha, and Bill Fosdick

attempted to delay the decision until the full board could be present. Art Gotchman,

Timberline High School principal, related what happened to their school when the same

type code was adopted. A poll of the administrators found no one actively opposing the

code that reads “Students’ appearance should be neat and clean. Dress and appearance

which cause disruption of the educational process or present health and safety problems

shall not be permitted; otherwise dress and appearance are the responsibility of parents.

All action will be handled by the administration , parents and students, but any student

may appeal through the regular established channels. Charles LeMoine, a member of the

board elected but not certified, was present and indicated he would vote for the measure.

With this announcement the board caved in to the students demand. Following the vote

the room emptied to the normal complement often visitors.

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