December 28, 1944 News About The Boys In The U. S. Army and Navy

Nisqually Valley News

Mrs. Knute Broden has been notified by the War Department that she will receive the Air Medal and Oak Leaf Cluster for her son Lt. Kenneth Broden, who is a prisoner of the German government, Lt. Broden, who graduated from the Yelm High School with the Class of 1941, is permitted to write to his parents twice a month and says the situation could be a lot worse than it is. “Thanks to the Red Cross we get plenty to eat,” wrote Kenneth in one of his recent letters.

Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Peterson, of Yelm, received notice from the War Department on Thursday, that their son. Staff Sgt. Arthur F. Peterson, has been reported missing in action over Germany since December 5th.

Staff Sgt. Lauren Crimmins has been spending the Christmas holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Crimmins.

Flight Officer Glen Vancil arrived home from California last Friday evening for a thirty day furlough. Glen is the son of Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Vancil. He was hurt when his glider crashed over Normandy on D Day.

Sgt. Gladys Curry arrived home last Saturday for a week’s furlough with friends and relatives. Sgt. Curry, the daughter ofJ. M. Curry, spent Wednesday and Thursday with her brother and family, Mr. and Mrs, H. J. Curry, of Seattle.

Bob Fristoe, NROTC, of the University of Washington, is spending a week’s Christmas vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Fristoe.

RMS Donald Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Miller, writes home from New Caledonia, that he has recently seen two fellows from Yelm. He had talked to Pvt.

George Wallin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Art Wallin, on the telephone, and had made plans to meet him, but the plans didn’t work out. While in the city he accidentally ran into George. On another trip to the city, Don just happened to see Machinist Frank Brunetti, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Brunetti. Frank’s ship was anchored in one of the ports in New Caledonia for a few days.

Robert L. Cummings, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Rider, of Rt. 1, Roy, completed to 12 week course on water purification at the Engineer School, at Fort Belvior, Virginia, on Dec. 23. He is a private in the Corps of Engineers. He attended Roy High School and is married to the former Miss Thelma K. Warn. Cummings the Army in April of this year. Before entering the Army he was a driver and mechanic for the Oil Sales and Service.

Members of the 20th class of Aviation Cadets and Student Officers to take their advanced two-engine pilot instruction at Blackland Army Air Field, Waco, Texas, today graduated as military pilots from the Army Air Forces Training Command installation. Among the members of Class 44 J who received their silver wings was Dale Yenne, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Yenne. Dale’s brother, Jack, is a Technical Sergeant, radio operator, with the Army Air Force, and was in India for a lot of missions.

Cpl. Charles Sokolik is again in the hospital. He has broken the bones in his foot on the first jump while training for the paratroops. He will remain in the hospital for a while. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Summers have received word that their son, Sgt. Allen Summers is now in Belgium.

Mrs. Amy Lott has received word that her son, Leroy, is suffering from a fever and is in a hospital in the Philppines.

Cpl. Fermin Bennett is sending his Christmas cards to friends in Yelm from somewhere in France.

Robert Iverson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Iverson, who has been stationed at Camp Beal, is being transferred to a camp in Louisiana

Cook Sc Mildred Self, of the Spars, sends greetings to her friends in Yelm, from Florida.

H. Wolf and son, David, rode on the train Thursday afternoon from Tacoma to Seattle, to be with S2c Hal Wolf for a while enroute from Florida, to Bremerton, Mrs. Wolf and Bob met the group in Seattle and they were with Hal until he got on the ferry from Seattle to Bremerton.

Mrs. Otto Isom recently received a letter from her son, Lyman, who is now stationed in San Diego. Lyman wrote that he is okay, and that he has now been issued all of his Navy uniform. He also told of a beautiful forty foot Christmas tree which was placed on the parade ground. He described it as “a beautiful one, just like we grew at home.”

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