March 25, 1943 Kenneth Seaman To Attend Naval Radio School

Nisqually Valley News

Kenneth Seaman, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Seaman, of Yelm, has been selected at the U.S. Naval Training Station at Farragaut, Idaho, for additional specialized training and has reported at the Radio Service School operated in connection with the Training Station.

Lieut. Abbie Huhndorf, son of Mr. and Mrs. Al Huhndorf, formerly of Yelm, was recently heard from by Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Gallagher. Abbie is somewhere in the Pacific, and wants all the Yelm folks to know that he is feeling fine. Mr.  and Mrs. Huhndorf moved to Gaston, Oregon, about a year ago. Abbie grew up in Yelm and graduated from the Yelm High School before entering the University of Washington.

Ben Longmire, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cap Longmire, who has been stationed in Southern California with the U.S. Army, was a recent visitor in Yelm. Ben called on his grandfather, Andrew Jungwirth while here and told about his work in the Army Reports that the boys there put on maneuvers of their own and take moving pictures of them to see what is doing.

Verne Hinrich, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Hinrich, formerly of Yelm but now living in Tacoma, is reported to be in Los Angeles, taking an advanced course in radio.

Sgt. William H. Donaldson (Howard to home folks) recently had his picture in one of the Midwestern papers, showing him rescuing people in the flood district. Howard is with the 125th Engineers. His features were not distinguishable in the picture but the pose was Howard, without a doubt.

Lieut. Glenn H. Bailey, who has been spending a ten day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bailey, left Monday for Camp White, Oregon, where he will be stationed.

Sgt. Vernon Neat is enjoying an eleven day furlough, most of which will be consumed by traveling time. Vernon is working on the new secret radio device Radar, and when questioned about Uncle Sam’s prodigy child, Neat’s face was as noncommittal as an old time poker player with an ace full on kings, but behind that noncommittal face, he has some interesting secrets. Silence on this subject is most golden, it is life itself.

House guests at the J. R. Loutzenhiser home while Jack is home on a furlough are Miss Alice Walter of Tacoma, and Sgt. Bradford Cooper, of Boston, Mass. Jack intends to show the sergeant Mount Rainier, the nation’s mightiest mountain.

By dint of much questioning from the Mosman family they have finally been able to find out Jimmy’s new rating – he is a machinist mate second class.

Few in Yelm, including his family, knew that Jimmy Rice is entitled to wear a wound stripe now. He was hit in the leg at Guadalcanal and laid up, he said, for a short time. Merton Lott gave out the news.

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