January 20, 1944 News About The Boys In The U.S. Army and Navy

Nisqually Valley News

Word comes from the Carlsbad Army Air Field, at Carlsbad, New Mexico, that John D. Vandermay, of Yelm, was commissioned a second lieutenant on Saturday, January 15, after completing bombardier training at that place.  Lt. Vandormay now becomes one of the Army Air Forces new “triple threat men” – airmen who have completed training in dead reckoning navigation and aerial gunnery in addition to the regular bombardiering  course. As an officer in the Army Air Forces ready for active duty, his destination has not been disclosed.

Jack Boggs, son of Mr. and Mrs. Merrill J. Boggs has been accepted by the Navy and will report for duty on Friday, January 21st. He will go to Farragut, Idaho. Wallace Music, son of Mrs. Anna Music has been accepted by the Navy and left on Wednesday for Farragaut, Idaho. Jack Boggs and Wallace have both been working at the Bremerton Navy Yard for several years.

With a determination to help do his part to win this war as quickly as possible. Charles Wilkinson left on Saturday for a Seabee Navy Base on the Atlantic Coast. “Chuck” has been on a short leave with his many relatives and friends in Yelm and with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilkinson. He has covered plenty of territory and seen plenty of water since he was last home and while in North Africa, Chuck was in several night air raids.

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