March 25, 1943 Bill Mosman Writes From North Africa; He Is Busy

Nisqually Valley News .

Bill Mosman, premier correspondent from North Africa to the Nisqually Valley News, writes again to say that he is working hard. “We work seven days a week, and most of the nights,” he says, “and there is no place to go these days. I received 17 letters one day last month. Nothing to buy but dates, figs and tangerines. Oh, for a bar of chocolate.” Dave Mulholland from Olympia called at the tent of the three Washingtonians one day. Dave is the boy who recently met his brother in North Africa. Bill’s letter reached home in 11 days. Jimmie’s letter from Alaskan waters took 12 days, both being record breakers. It has been so cold on his recent trips that the present weather, though cold it may be, seems like summer in comparison, Jimmie says.

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