March 18, 1943 Yelm Boy Safe After Ship Is Sunk In Pacific Ocean

Nisqually Valley News

Guard duty, an abomination to most members of Uncle Sam’s Army, proved to be an angel’s blessing to Ed Laramie, who arrived home last week. The ship on which he sailed, supposedly for Australia, last December 24th, was destroyed in the Pacific. The sinking occurred at 2 o’clock in the morning, and only those who were on guard managed to get into life boats. Fortunately Ed was among the 15 men who escaped.

After drifting at sea for a few hours, they were picked up by an American destroyer which took them to a naval base. Due to an injury  to his back, Ed spent several weeks in an Army hospital at San Perdo and just secured his release last week from this institution.

After arriving in Yelm, Laramie finally received his Christmas present from his sister, Mrs. Art Edie. The package, mailed from Yelm, on the first of December, traveled to Virginia, thence to Australia, and back again to Yelm. Due to an over age discharge from the Army, Laramie is now a member of the Armed Reserve, and still subject to call at any time.

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