March 4, 1943 Schools Open Drive To Buy 10,000 Jeeps

Nisqually Valley News

The little jeep which is serving so nobly from Guadalcanal to Africa has become the symbol of the gigantic efforts of millions of American school children in their War Savings program.

Thousands of public, private and parochial schools soon will be displaying a certificate of honor from Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, Jr., signifying that they have paid for at least one jeep by buying $900 in War Stamps and Bonds.

Countless others will be flying the Schools At War banner awarded to school with 90 percent pupil participation in War Savings.

Ten thousand jeeps and a hundred bombers! This is the new goal of America’s schools as 30,000,000 children continue their Schools At War program under the auspices of the Treasury Department and the U.S. Office of Education.

Results so far in the program reported by Dr. Homer W. Anderson, Associate Field Director in charge of the education section of the War Savings Staff, are more than 7,000,000 elementary and high school students from 80,000 schools have prepared special Schools At War scrapbooks for state and local exhibits. War Stamp and War Bond purchases may reach a grand total of $300,000,000.

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