October 8, 1942 This ‘n’ That

Nisqually Valley News

Some prankster with a misquided sense of humor, called a number at random, on the new dial phones, very late, a few nights ago. It proved to be the number of an invalid woman. She was expecting a call from her son who was due to leave any day for overseas service. She managed to get to the phone only to have the “joker” hang up. She worried the rest of the night and was really ill the following day. Wasn’t that funny?

Wonder who it was who played this prank? Whoever it was should be very proud of himself and his high sense of humor, which makes him think telephone calls are jokes. In these days telephones are used for serious business, emergency calls and those who use the phones as a hoax, if caught, and the calls may be traced, if it becomes a habit, are subject to severe penalties. The army air service asks that all public minded citizens refrain from using phones unnecessarily. This means the young folks as well as older ones.  In fact, it means you. Will you cooperate?

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