Correspondence Washington Record July 28, 1902


Washington Record July 28, 1902

Yelm, July 26 – Yelmites are wondering how much longer they are to be blessed with the present railway service.  It now takes three days to hear from anywhere by letter.

Mesdames F. R. Price, Sam Price and J. M. Price have been camping at Longmire springs several weeks.  Mrs. F. R. Price is expected home next week, but the others will remain two or three weeks longer.

Capitalists have recently bought property on the Nisqually river east  and northwest of Yelm.  At different times within the past two years minute surveys were made along the river two or three miles east and northeast of Yelm in the interest of unknown parties.  The impression prevails that an important plant of some kind is going to be established on the Nisqually near Yelm.  [This land would provide timber for a lumber mill soon to be built at McKenna]

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