Washington Recorder December 30, 1902

Correspondence from Yelm

Washington Recorder December 30, 1902

Yelm, Dec. 27 – J.A. McKenzie and family were quests at the Christmas dinner given by J.C. Conine and family.

The Christmas tree last Wednesday was enjoyed by the little folks.  The children did well in their recitations and especial mentions should be made of Miss Mary Chase.

Lars Christian Christiansen, a young man of about 20, the son of Hans Christiansen, a recently arrived Dane, was drowned Friday morning in the Deschutes river about six miles above Yelm.  He was trying to cross the swollen stream on a recently felled tree, when he suddenly lost his balance, fell into the river and was swept away by the swift current under the log. His father witnessed the sudden tragedy from the river bank but could not render his son no assistance.

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