Thurston County’s Schools September 6, 1894

Thurston County’s Schools

Receipts and Disbursements-Facts About Teachers and Teaching

Morning Olympian September 6, 1894

Miss Case, the county superintendent, has prepared her annual report for transmission to the state superintendent.

The report shows that of children between the ages of five and twenty-one years residing in this county, there are 1741 and 1612 females.  Of those 1351 male and 1257 females are enrolled in the public schools.  The average daily attendance is 974 males and 927 females.  Of children over six years of age not enrolled in any school, there are 308 males and 293 females.

Of the teachers in this county, three hold state or territorial certificates; 27 hold first grade certificates; 40 hold second grade certificates; 17 hold third grades.  Thus the whole number of teachers is 110, of which 37 are males and 73 females.

The average monthly salary paid each male teacher is $51. 18 and each female $53.53.

The average number of months in which school was maintained in this county is 5.34 and the average number of days school was maintained during the year, 106.49.

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