News From Smith’s Prairie January 4, 1935

Smith’s Prairie

The Olympian

Friday January 4, 1935

Mrs. Bert Strablow, Cor.

Elmor Goodwin and Mr. And Mrs. Harlie Morris, who had been visiting friends and relatives during the holidays, have returned to their homes in Okanogan county.

H. R. Wilson and children were visitors of Mrs. Anna T. Sale Thusday.

Jam L. Mossman attended business in Olympia Wednesday.

Bob Reichel spent the Christmas holidays in Seattle.

Mr. And Mrs. Fred Price of Bremerton are spending the holidays with Mr. And Mrs. Sam Price.

Mr. And Mrs. Delmar Jewell are the parents of a baby daughter.

Pearl Jewell is home for a short stay owing to the death Sunday evening of her employer, Mr. Candray of Rainier.

Mr. And Mrs. Henry Murphy have returned to their home in Seattle.

Mr. And Mrs. J Metrakes entertained Mrs. Addie Parrot, Mr. And Mrs. Thomas cubit Christmas day.

Mr. And Mrs. Chester Reichel and children spent Christmas with the Chester Thompson family.

John Dain had his car badly smashed up, owing to the poor condition of the road, when he was passing a truck.

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