Five Rousing Meetings October 25, 1912

Five Rousing Meetings

Washington Standard October 25, 1912

Continuing their plans of reaching every precinct in the county at least once before the close of the campaign, the Democratic county candidates will have covered five precincts by tomorrow night. Next week they propose to devote to a rushing wind-up to the most vigorous campaign they have conducted for years, with several meetings of importance in Olympia.

Monday night Candidates Schomber, Wall, Brown, Lyda and Frisch addressed an excellent meeting at Bucoda. The Saturday night before another delegation of candidates had journeyed to Grand Mound, where they were greeted with a rousing meeting.

The best meeting at Rochester of any party during the campaign was the Democratic meeting Wednesday night, when H.T. Jones of the state board of control, and Candidates Lynch, Schomber, Brown Ouellette, Dufault, Kagy, Dover and McClelland and E.N. Steele, were present.

Thursday night the candidates met with another rousing reception at Gate, tonight they return to Grand Mound and Saturday night they will address a meeting at Yelm.

The aggressiveness of the Democratic candidates had aroused much alarm among the Republicans, strikingly illustrated this week by the fact that the latter held a meeting at Hunter’s Point, the first time they had troubled themselves about that district for years. The Democrats had visited the Point last Friday.

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