Rainier Monster July 28, 1911

The Rainier Monster

Washington Standard July 28, 1911

After many days of diligent search for clues and preliminary trials of suspects, for the murderer of the Coble family at Rainier, there seems to be good reason to believe that the confession of G.H. Wilson, now held for the crime is, in the main, true. Although an effort is being made to show that mental worry has led him to fabricate the story he tells. He says that he is a sexual pervert, and that while “admitting” that he did the deed while totally oblivious of his acts, it is in evidence that he inquired whether an insane person could be held responsible and was told that he could not, and this, it is thought may constitute the groundwork of his defense, there seems to be too much “method” in his madness to be the emanation of a mind wholly distrait.

Even were it possible to verify the main statement that he committed the crime, and that he is subject to such aberrations, it is the plain duty of executors of the law to place him under such restraint as that he may never be able to repeat the crime, whether opportunity is afforded by liberty now or leniency hereafter. No pardon nor discharge as cured is safe, nor should be tolerated, unless present conditions are changed. It is said that when his wife discovered traces of blood in the tent where he slept and called attention to it, he replied, “Shut up and say nothing,” which would seem to indicate that his memory was not wholly blank. Even were the crime committed with full consciousness it may be that the enormity of the act has completely upset his mental equilibrium, and implanted the one idea of a “confession” as the dernier resort for escape from consequences.

It is hoped that neither vindictiveness nor a maudlin sympathy be allowed to have any part in decision of this important matter, but that some course will be adopted that will restore the public mind to its ordinary tranquility and confidence.

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