Horrible Double Murder at Rainier July 14, 1911

Horrible Double Murder at Rainier

Washington Standard July 14, 1911

Archie Coble and wife, aged respectively 25 and 16 years, were murdered in cold blood at Rainier some time Monday night or on early Tuesday morning. The bodies at least were not found till the evening of that day, when some neighbors not seeing either Mr. or Mrs. Coble during the day called to discover the cause, and were horrified by the terrible tragedy. The murderous deed had been done with an ax, both skulls having been cloven in twain as they slept in bed, probably without either awakening to realize the horrible act. As no valuables were taken the object could not have been robbery, and as the young couple were universally loved and highly respected, the motive suspected can only be of jealousy, as all other incentives to the horrible deed are wholly lacking, and it is expected that a clue will be discovered in that direction.

They had been married only a year.

The people of Rainier are horror-stricken over the terrible crime committed within the town limits where dozens of people were sleeping and within easy call.

Suspicion now rests on a man who is wanted in Portland for a like crime, murder of the Cowing family, similar in detail, and to add to the horror it is now discovered that both the dead women had been assaulted after death. The Oregon police are engaged in an effort to run down “the missing section hand.” The bodies of the Rainier victims lie at Sticklin’s undertaking parlors, awaiting the arrival of a brother from Missouri.

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